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Many years ago I regretfully appeared on "The Hagmann Report" with Steve Quayle and subsequently "V" the Guerilla Economist. I say regretfully because at the time I believed these men

While things are heating up here at home with the rigged 2016 presidential election, an event described to me as, "a horrifying demonstration to the west," is happening on the

On November 4, 2016, Marvel Entertainment releases the occult super hero Doctor Strange to the silver screen. Benedict Cumberbatch will no doubt bring a stellar performance to the character Doctor

Here is Virginia based news story that did not make the syndicated news wire and quite frankly it should have. Why? Because a similar sighting occurred March 13, 1997, infamously

Before we get started let us establish the fact we are in a spiritual war. This is a war of not flesh and blood, but one of Spirit and Energy.

In 2012 a Mayan artifact surfaced depicting UFO piloted by men straight into the Sun! Later the next year NASA released SOHO images of a black triangle shape emanating out

Here it is, September 2016 and we find ourselves 2 months from the next presidential election with the ante raised higher than ever been before while the players at the

For all of the fans who prefer not to read and prefer a video format here it is! We are giving you a video analysis of Beyonce as she evolves into occult magic.

The human soul is the most important part of the human experience. Many people realize we are actually spiritual beings having a human experience. Meaning we are spirit first and