Like any new technology each generation improves upon itself and occasionally innovation burst forth and redefines the competition. This is the case with Loto Labs creation of "The Evoke" and touts the title, "The World's First Smart Vaporizer Powered By Induction." Wow!

I have to be honest; I am a sucker for a good archeology movie. It is fascinating to see archeological evidence framed on the silver screen. The Indiana Jones movies did an excellent job making archeology the backbone of the plot. The

If this does not clearly illustrate the connection between CERN and Saturn nothing else will. CERN was "reactivated" according to the celestial movement of the planet Saturn. In fact, I believe CERN was waiting to be restarted until Saturn would be closer

If you grew up during the original "Star Trek" era you witnessed technology snatched from the imagination of a visionary. We were amazed by their communication devices and other technology. Now we have realized whatever is imagined can be made a reality. This

In my recent post, "Weapons of Mass Destruction of the Most High - Coming to your TOWN?" I addressed the fact earthquakes will be occurring in heavily populated areas in America. The mainstream media has hypnotized the masses into believing there are

Californians, lit up police dispatcher phone lines on April 29, 2015 because of UFO in formation lighting up the evening sky. These orbs of lights formed a pattern some have compared to the DMT molecule. DMT is actually "Dimethyltryptamine" and it is a

Many independent researchers and some scientist hypothesize the planet Saturn was once our Sun and giver of life to the planet earth. The Thunderbolts Project has created a venue for these theorems to gain attention in the alternative news channels. They build a

The media fueled UFO propaganda machine, is consistently bombarding the airwaves with stories of unexplained technology. While doing this they promote the theory of extraterrestrials from hidden planets who have interdimensional capabilities and cause confusion. Rarely, if ever do these very media

It seems weird seeing Han and Chewie again after so many decades. Han looks like he has a galactic AARP chip and shouldn't Chewie be all grey by now? Or is he dying his fur? I have to admit after watching this latest

As Marvel Entertainment builds up more steam for their future summer 2015 blockbuster, "Avengers 2: Age of Ultron," I am left with many questions. The more I watch the super hero genre unfold on the silver screen the more suspicious I am becoming. You see

President Obama spoke recently at the National Prayer Breakfast and caused a big dust up by some remarks he made about Christianity’s role in the crusades and then went on to make some comments about how the US embraces an ideology of separation

If you are looking for a movie to watch with your family to stimulate conversation about the "rapture" then this is one with a twist. Unlike movies like "Left Behind" who interprets the rapture as taking the whole dude or dudette and leaving a pile

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Beyoncé, Sasha Fierce, and Book of Shadows
Beyoncé, Sasha Fierce, and Book of ShadowsBeyoncé and her entertainment career has been embroiled in much controversy for her connection to the occult.  She adorns herself with Baphomet  jewelry or other occult related symbols.  She was once known as a Christian but over the years her behavior is a contradiction to the principles of the Word. Her most infamous connection to […]