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Early this morning my close friend who is like a brother to me, sent me pictures from a mutual friend. I actually had the honor of being a guest on a radio show with the lady who sent the pictures. She was in

When I first introduced to the sleeping masses the Super Bowl's halftime concert was actually a satanic ritual used to capture massive energy; in conjunction with a specific cosmic alignment known as the Silver Gate. (Which is a point in space between Sagittarius

A good chunk of 2015 was manipulated by the alternative media to promote September 2015 impending doom. The methodology of the alternative media is to piggy back on news from the mainstream media with their own spin. Usually there is a "secret" source who

Before Mike Myers suited up to become the iconic Doctor Evil with his infamous pinky signature move there was an original Doctor Evil. We know him as Aleister Crowley and he was once known as the "World's Most Wicked Man." I do not want

Derby is a dog born with deformed front legs and as a result was inhibited from running. The owner reached out to 3D Systems who decided to change the life of Derby. It is wonderful to see how this emerging technology transforms Derby

I am a bit vexed when Biblical scholars refer to the United States as built upon the Scripture in the Bible. They claim godly men formed this country yet their idols tell a contradictory story. It sounds like they applied great lip service

The general masses were brainwashed by the media about the true prophecies regarding the Mayan culture and their long count calendar ending on December 21, 2012. If you did not study the Mayan culture you were at the mercy of Hollywood movies like 2012 or

As mankind divorces himself from accepting and practicing the natural order created by The Most High; the weather is becoming more extreme. There is a direct relationship between Holy covenants, mankind, and the weather. Most people are oblivious to this relationship with The Most

Planned Parenthood is a big topic in mainstream and alternative media lately for selling aborted fetal organs. As despicable as this is we really need a perspective check here.  This issue is a prime example of distraction journalism. Abortion is a much deeper and

A reader of Revelation Now sent us very interesting photos of a UFO in the skies of Virginia. I believe some UFO are man made while others I believe are manifestations of angels; and finally I believe some are living creatures. This gentleman

One of the most enigmatic elements of the creation of the Most High are angels. If it was not for the Book of Enoch we would not know them well. According to the Word there are angels who are faithfully dedicated to the

Collectively, there is a consensus America is going through great change. People with an active spiritual immune system are keenly aware of this change and it is the Age of Satanism. Most people think satanism is just: sacrifice, blood, and fire (these are

After watching this trailer it reminded me of my adolescence where Saturdays were the only day to see cartoons and the crazy afternoon Japanese monster movies. The Japanese actors lips would move after they spoke and normally had a heinous laugh. This is

When the communication infrastructure is compromised you will be always be in the loop with Lantern. This revolutionary portable wireless device is solar powered and downloads free data from satellites . . . forever. It is touted as the "outernet" and is

Bobbi Kristina Brown, passed away today in a hospice outside of Atlanta. She was placed there June 24th when her family took her off machines and medications keeping her alive. The families were informed by several doctors there was no chance for recovery.

How would you like to make a quick $75,000? The website Deuteronomy 28.org is putting their money where the mouth is! How rare is that? Instead of trying to peddle you their books or make up false stories (in the

Another mass shooting occurred in America this evening. This unfortunate time the location is Lafayette, Louisiana at the Grand Theater movie theater. Details are still pouring in but from what we know now a gunman entered the movie theater and killed three

We should all be preparing our minds and expectations for what has been spiritually prophetically ordained from the Most High. Please for your own good stop chasing elite media planted stories into the alternative media. Have you noticed since the Mayan prophetic date

On Friday, October 19, 2012, The People's Court displayed 2012 Presidential election results . The problem was the elections had not been held yet! Television network KPHO posted the results President Obama had been reelected by a small margin against Presidential candidate Romney.