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I recently had an exchange with yet another Christian with a nasty attitude. I must say there are many Christians out there who are as mean as rattlesnakes. For some

Before the advent of computer generated imagery (CGI) UFO footage could be easily debunked. From pie pans to strings to miniature models fake UFO could not survive the scrutiny of

After watching this video you should come to one conclusion. Evolution is a faith based belief system just like atheism. This is because there is no observable evidence evolution can

Now that Super Bowl 50 has passed every blog and YouTube producer has jumped in to analyze the obvious. Please remember I told you things that happened before they happened.

The "Super Ba'al" is right around the corner where pure sport meets the occult mega ritual. Where the artist can be linked to witchcraft and the occult framed as artistry

Every now and then a game changer emerges and Airo is as an off-the-grid must have list. They basically miniaturized elements of an air conditioner and if you have ever had