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Before we begin let's take a look at what the Bible states about the qualifications of a pastor. 1 Timothy 3:3: "not given to drunkenness, not violent but gentle, not

Last weekend I piled the boys into the truck and took them to see the movie Split. This movie was directed by M. Night Shamayla and was produced on a

Prior to the Fukushima, Japan earthquake in 2011 many occurrences of deep sea fish and sea monsters were reported to have washed ashore on Japanese beaches. It is well documented

The Bible is a spiritual book which breaks down the invisible world humans cannot see while encased in flesh and blood. Near death experience reveals another Universe teeming with life

Grammy award winning artist Beyonce performed in the 2017 Grammy's Awards as the goddess Oshun. Ironically, we received a comment today addressing this very topic on our YouTube channel from,

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, is the founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG), and there is a video circulating angles appeared at his church service. His church is located in Lilongwe,

Anytime you deal with technology expect change every 6 months. As the "selfie" market progressively matures we have seen advancements with forward facing cameras to the invention of the selfie

Sorry, folks I missed the train on tolerance where I am expected to bite my tongue while America turns up the Luciferian agenda. Future fashion lines at New York

Through out time giants have been given a bad name. From Goliath, Cyclops, to the giants from Jack and the Beanstalk humans usually ended up dead or a juicy snack...depending

If you go far enough back in time you will find at one point every continent on the Earth worshiped serpentine deities. From a Biblical perspective Satan was described as

A new YouTube video is circulating the Internet with claims of an angel over Mexico. This looks to be high definition footage which is rare these days. The "angel" actually

Super Bowl 51 is right around the corner and if you do not know by now the halftime show is riddled with ancient occult motifs. Since I broke the story,

It appears UFO activity is increasing and more qualified witnesses are coming forward to share their eye witness testimony. Before we continue let's remember the Bible referenced these times in