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First, let's remember this post is under the "Theory" section before you mail me a straight jacket and a bag of pills. With that being said, let's go into this analysis understanding and agreeing the television is used to brainwash the viewer. The

There have been arguments against the existence of giant skeletons for decades. Even photoshopped images of giant skeletons have ended up on Revelation Now! This clearly does not help the process of validating giants once existed. The Bible and the Book of Enoch

Bishop Bullwinkle popped up on YouTube and his single "Hell 2 the Naw Naw" went viral and has had over 3.5 million views over a period of two months. Bishop Bullwinkle is bringing a long overdue approach of telling the truth on the church.

The Pyramids of Giza are considered one the greatest wonders of the world. Gerald Massey (29 May 1828 – 29 October 1907) was a poet and author of spiritualism. He was best known for his book Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World. He soon

After reading a post titled, "The Shemitah and the Shaking to Come" I realized many disturbing things about this contrived Shemitah "prophecy." First, and most disturbing is Jonathan Cahn has now set himself up as a prophet. If you actually study the

This one is going out to all the satanic slick sissy serpents. I do not have much to say on this one except this is what Christ is going to play as His soundtrack when He returns. The "fallen ones" their disciples, minions, and

Many people who claim to be following the teachings of Yeshua are nothing more than wolves cloaked as a lamb of the Most High. I conversed with many people via comments and email only to be shocked at their true nature. One "Christian"

Who isn't tired of blurry or fuzzy pictures of UFO or out of focus strange looking creatures popping up on YouTube? If these amatuer videographers had the DEVFO Digital Binoculars they would not only be watching video in high definition but 3D! If

WE ARE IN A WAR for our body, mind, and soul while being attacked esoterically; including being physically poisoned! This is a trinity attack on body, mind, and soul. The largest corporations are in on it and we have seen a terrific amount of photographs

So the Jade Helm operation to take over America is now over. Let's make sure we understand this correctly, but all of the constant gloom doom and gloom sites need to be held accountable. All of the radio shows and Youtube videos who

It looks like Hollywood is running out of ideas and decided to use ancient origins for Christmas. You see Yeshua was not born on December 25 because if you study the Scripture you will discover He was born during the time of the

Jeremiah 43:13 He shall break the obelisks of Heliopolis, which is in the land of Egypt, and the temples of the gods of Egypt he shall burn with fire. The Most High made a point of destroying obelisk of the fallen angels. He

I recently posted, "Satan's Monuments of Death and Transit System," and in it I addressed the fact the obelisk and other satanically inspired architecture was outlawed by the Most High. He commanded His people to locate: obelisk, sacred pillars, ashtoreth poles, and

If you didn't know the Shemitah year ended today in Jerusalem, Israel at 11:48 AM at the blowing of a shofar horn.  Jonathan Cahn, John Hagee, and Mark Blitz (I will leave out all of the other alternative news personalities who do not

I stayed out of the flat earth controversy because I have been researching now for over 25 years. I do not want to say that I have seen it all but I have seen a lot. So much that I see the same

New Yorkers were stunned on the eve of 9/11 when a rainbow bloomed over One World Freedom Tower and social media was set ablaze with the pictures. Many people were amazed because they know it is a sign. First, it is a sign

I am not shocked to be writing a post about the flat earth theory because we live in a time of great distrust of almost every organization and institution on the earth. What we are seeing now is a mental state where people are

Sometimes the small websites or the least known are bringing true journalism with courage and valid investigative research. Also, known as "due diligence" or vetting a scenario. This involves taking the initiative to validate facts from Federal and State sources. This is how pure journalism should

Since Bruce Jenner played dress up on the national stage the antichrist marketing machine is in full throttle. There is a script being followed where there is an introduction of sexual confusion which is subsequently enhanced by television and movies. Bruce Jenner, is the