Daylight UFO Producer Vanishes

Daylight UFO Producer Vanishes

I was perusing through YouTube one rainy evening and I came across a Channel I was amazed by the content. I could kick myself for not downloading the videos to my hard drive for posterity. The Channel at the time was known as MagnetFlipper (aka Al) who lived in the Denver, Colorado area and would video tape daylight UFOs. He used a technique called sunlight ablexation and was able to successfully recording hundreds of objects flying IN and OUT of the Sun!  It reminded me of the Space Shuttle Mission 75 infamously known as the Tether Incident.

If you are one of the few people on the Internet who has never seen this please watch now:

MagnetFlipper’s daylight video footage yielded the same results and I was amazed at the pulsating shapes and the fact not one collided. There were so many in the footage I could not count them and it looked eerily similar to the STS 75 Tether Incident. Just 3 days after seeing this incident he sent out a message he would no longer be conducting UFO videos. And on the 4th day his Channel was shut down never to be heard from again. We can only speculate the reason why his Channel was abruptly shut down but of course I have my own theories.

MagnetFlipper also conducted magnetic experiments on his Channel and this could very well replace fossil fuel. It is very easy to create a spin using counter force magnets powered with electricity.  Was this the reason his Channel was shut down? Maybe! Let’s take a look at his video.

There is a plethora of magnetic researchers on YouTube but how many have developed new techniques to record objects flying around the Sun?  And how many have proven the same UFO anomaly from the STS 75 Tether incident and the daylight UFO? Just him to my knowledge. And now he is gone!


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