Watchers, Grey Aliens and Earth Evidence

Watchers, Grey Aliens and Earth Evidence

How do I begin to compartmentalize the components of an ancient story to ancient cave art and the ubiquitous grey alien theme? Like eating an elephant one piece at a time! It seems the only evidence for celestial beings who came to Earth can be found in Holy Books (including ancient artifacts) and from there we can compare this literature to the current times. I will attempt to structure this brief narrative which shall connect the dots.

If we reference the Bible there was a time when the Son’s of God walked the Earth. And not only did they walk they talked, rapped to women (fair daughters of man), created magnificent architecture, corrupted man, started wars, etc. All of this has been documented in various Holy Books. Additionally, this evidence is captured in the art work of ancient man. I can assure you if I saw beings descend from the sky, land and impact my life, I will most certainly create art of the experience. And not just to commemorate the experience but to make some nice coin on Ebay!

Apparently this epoch of the “Son’s of God” walking the Earth did in fact happen because the history of it is included in many cultures. For instance the Hopi Indian’s beginnings include “Star People” the Dogon Tribe of Africa have the Nommo who descended from the Stars, the Sumerians have the Anunakki and the Christians have “Fallen Angels”.

The Book of Enoch states the existence of “Watchers” and their role was to observe and not be observed. It also included them reporting the findings to a Higher Being or God. I like to call them tattle tales or snitches! Whatever they “see” they record and report. That was their job in a nutshell. Clearly, there was a reason the “Watchers” were created and Spiritual surveillance is key to understanding their nature.

Without the role of the “Watchers” mankind would have become extinct. The offspring of “Fallen Angels” were far superior to man in intellect and physiology. They also developed a taste from the flesh of man, white meat and dark meat. If the Watchers had not implored the Most High for intervention I would not be writing this story for your education and amusement! So I guess the Watchers are friends of man?

We can move on from here because most know a flood ensued which not only changed the face of the Earth but cleansed the DNA of mankind. Searching the Internet you will find a wealth of information on ancient “alien” cave art depicting beings who looked very much like the “Grey” aliens you see in the media today. They definitely do not look like humans but apparently left quite an impression on the artist. The cave painting below is from Kimberley, Australia 5000 B.C.

Personally my epiphany came to me when I was reflecting on this Scripture from the Bible:

Ecclesiastes 1:9

 What has been will be again,
what has been done will be done again;
there is nothing new under the sun.

To me if these words are in fact true then the Watchers are still here and in the surveillance business!  Most of the “Grey Alien” stories I am familiar with include nothing more than watching and disappearing. There is the occasional cow mutilation an anal probing (so I guess not all “Watchers” are our friends) but far out weighed by the simple watching. If the Watchers are the “Grey Aliens” and visa versa this is very disconcerting. Why you ask? Because in the Book of Enoch it states the Giants are in a stasis deep underground waiting to be awakened. And you know what happens next? Consider your house a bucket and you are the chicken! White meat or dark meat folks?

I am primarily interested to know these facts because at 45 pounds overweight (and self basting) I would imagine I look quite delicious to a giant.  In the end there seems to be no end to “Alien” entertainment promoted on many children shows all the way to the Hollywood media machine. Maybe “they” know Ecclesiastes 1:9 as well and through this propaganda are preparing mankind for its big moment . . . dinner.

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