NYC First Ever Lightsaber Freeze Mob

NYC First Ever Lightsaber Freeze Mob

I thought I would keep it light (and brief) as we rapidly approach Christmas Day. New York City is such an exciting place and tourist never know what to expect. Imagine you are walking down the street and suddenly a scene from Star Wars jumps off!  They are known as Flash Mob Actors or “People Who Got Bills to Pay” and they spontaneously pop-up with coordinated shows in public.  This one is very interesting because it is Star Wars: The Old Republic (thousands of years before Yoda was born) and they were dressed to the hilt! Nothing really more to say except enjoy it and Happy Holidays to all!

PS:  How come all of the Star Wars villains have to suffer with some type of bronchial condition? I find it very hard to be intimidated by a man who needs a nebulizer treatment to make it through the day.


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Michael Erevna

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