Divine Consciousness in Everything?

Divine Consciousness in Everything?

What if I told you there is a Divine Consciousness in everything?  You would probably say prove it and I am ok with that! Of course this will require a heavy commitment to research.  I love how Galileo would debate his critics who did not do their homework.  He would say,  “I have researched this subject and you Sir have not” and without another spoken word he would stand up from the table and walk away.  Hilarious! Try that at your next debate.

So let’s get back to Divine Consciousness.  What are the chances the complete alphabet, as well as, the base number system, appearing on the wings of butterflies?  If you missed the publication “The Butterfly Alphabet” by photographer, Kjell Sandved, who captured this amazing discovery, prepare to be dazzled.  It is a shame this was not major news when it was printed.  This should be household reference to one of the most fascinating Divine creations discovered.

Now ask yourself how is this possible?  Can this be a coincidence or an accident?  Every letter from A to Z and number from 0 to 9 on the wings of various butterflies!  Not to mention, the artistic creation of each symbol, along the lines of calligraphy.   I am very interested to hear the atheist perspective on this.  If they do not want to call this a God Conscious, then maybe they will accept the name,  “Kenny”?

Now this is not the end of the Divine Consciousness,  because there is another blueprint applied to all of creation.  It is known as “Fibonnaci  in Nature”.  It is a mathematical algorithm which works like this:  0,1,2,3,5,8,13,  etc. This is how it works:

0+1 = 1
1+1 = 2
1+2 = 3
2+3 =5

This sequence stops at 34  and you can see it imprinted on everything your eyes can see, including our Milkyway Galaxy! This is an architectural design constructed by Divine Intelligence.  Is this another accident?  Maybe “The Big Bang” exploded a complex algorithm into existence?   This is like saying an explosion can create a blueprint for cars!  BOOM! I got a  Lamborghini!

Anyway take a gander at this slide show and you will see the Fibonacci in action.


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