The Sun and 2012

The Sun and 2012

I have to admit most people are not really interested in facts about the Sun. All we really care about is that it rises and sets everyday.   The average person does not care how the telephone works as long as they hear the dial tone!  You will be surprised to know, in 2012 is when the 11 year solar cycle peaks.  This will be the hottest 11-year solar cycle since the end of the mini ice age in 1850!

Another distinct fact to add mystique to the December 21, 2012 timeline.  To sum it up in a nutshell, there are going to be a lot of solar storms, accompanied by coronal mass ejections (CME) with an increase in radiation. These CMEs are massive explosions from the Sun composed of plasma, magnetic fields and a solar wind, which at times carries them to the Earth. This is actually happening right now and the impact to the Earth can be illustrated in the Alaska Dispatch.

What makes this so fascinating, is December 21, 2012, the Sun will be fairly close to the center of our Galaxy, a black-hole. These will charge more particles and send them to the Sun.  What we can expect are record-setting ramifications because nobody in our civilization was around,  the last time this happened was 26,000 years ago!  Here is what we can expect.

An increase in skin cancer, as a result of an increase in radiation.  More active volcanoes and fault lines due to an increase in solar magnetic fluctuation. Disruption of the cell phone grid and you think Sprint sucks now? The electrical grids are also at risk.  This will be the hottest summer ever and it will cause many deaths due to the extreme heat.  The glaciers are going to get the business this year and this will cause more water to rise.

The glacier meltdown will mean more rain and more floods. Third world countries will be hit with frequent and massive mud slides. Not to be selling “fear porn” here because this happens every year, I am just saying it is going to appear worse.  You didn’t know how much of a deep relationship we have with the Sun, did you?

I am just telling you this so you can keep the Sun on your radar this year.  Maybe you can prepare for this inevitable event and plan around it.  If you are traveling remember your seasons like: hurricane, flood, and rainy seasons. They will be exacerbated by the hottest 11 year solar cycle since 1850.

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