Angels Captured On Video?


When I was 11 years old my grandmother lost her battle against cancer. We lived in Fort Benning, Georgia, when my family received the news. It was the first time I ever saw my father cry. He loved his mother so much and has always honored and respected her memory. Her death changed the course of our lives, forever on this Earth.

Why am I telling you this?  Because, when everyone had left the funeral site and her coffin was lowered into the ground, my family stayed. We stood around the hole in the ground and my father spoke to his mother and we all cried. Suddenly, he said look and we saw a low flying gold/yellow “cloud” hovering above us. My father told us it was his mother and her sign to us, she is watching. It stayed for several seconds and then began to quickly move away.

This video hit my radar, and because of my “angel” experience, I thought it is worth a look.  To me it is truly amazing!  BTW,  I do not think this has been debunked, either. The story is, a baby had just died in the apartment you see the Angels descending.

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6 comments on “Angels Captured On Video?
    • My brother, be very careful about the things you see and perceive to be of God or of heaven, remember, this is the time when the devil is trying to prepare us, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to accept the fake Christ that he will present to us. All of a Sudden there are angels everywhere, and they are on picture and video no less, how do we know these are not the devils gin? You see through revelationnow. Net the foundation the devil is laying, the bible

    • Fortold it and revelation now is showing evidence that it is happening right now. I know this video came off the site and its good that it was presented to us. I'm just saying there are two forces at war here, and I know you know the word. This is all written. I'm not saying this video is or is not what it is proclaimed to be, I'm just saying be careful what you accept to be true.

  1. After seeing this video, I started to look at many others. The stories that I heard were amazing and I thank God that I am saved and he is in my life. Please take a look and if you are not living your life right, get it right. It's going to be work, it won't be easy, but if you stayed prayed up and get into your word, each day will be a little easier. Thank you Father for showing me this today. I love you and give you all the glory and honor in Jesus Name I pray, Amen!

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