Kate Moss: Demonic Photo Spread

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What in all that is Holy, is going on in the entertainment industry?  Suddenly,  there is an onslaught of pagan/demonic rituals and now demonic photo spreads by a super model.  Who is green-lighting this shyte?  Is there an evil emperor saying, “Execute plan 66!”  My head is still reeling from the Super Bowl and the Grammys and fresh on its heels, is a demonic photo shoot by Kate Moss.

The masses are being conditioned to expect and accept this spooky pagan junk as art. It is nothing more than ancient pagan times being reloaded by the most influential people in the world.  Johnny Depp starred in the movie “Blow”.  He played George Jung, the man who established the American cocaine market in the 1970s. One line of his will always stand out to me.  He told the Colombian Drug Cartel the secret to making cocaine a hit with the people.  He said, “Sell it to actors, athletes, and entertainers and everybody else will follow” and I paraphrase.

When looking at the Kate Moss photo shoot in the March edition of “W” magazine, she has a crucifix near her vagina.  The last time I have seen a crucifix near or in a vagina,  was the Exorcist movie.  How is this going to help her career? The way it is going,  probably very well.  What you are seeing folks is a trend. More of this “art” will follow.  As the people obsess over American Idol and their favorite shows (I am guilty of Spartacus) the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

Anyway, please take a gander at this most disturbing photo shoot. Please notice her left hand and the signal she has created. It is now known to represent “666”.  Dang,  I want my mommy…


Michael Erevna, is Editor-in-chief of RevelationNow.net

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