Whitney Houston Death: Smoking Gun of the Occult

Whitney Houston Death: Smoking Gun of the Occult

The more facts revealed about the death of Whitney Houston, the more it stinks like a fat baby’s diaper. The occult numerology motifs permeate every corner of this investigation.  There was a synthesis of astrological alignments, occult numerology,  and an unorthodox police investigation involved in her death.  You will have to educate yourself on “sacred” numbers of the Freemasons, astrological alignments, history and ancient history, to gain a foot hold of understanding.

If you have not seen the Rik Clay post on the site please do so now and come back to this piece.  It will give you a basic framework of the number 11.  It is said the occult number 11 is very important to the occult because it represents “jumping” over God.  Going from 9 and skipping 10 and going to 11 in the spiritual realm. 9/11 represents being higher than God.  Who do you think would want to do this? Get it yet?  These numbers must resonate in the physical realm, as well as the spiritual realm, in order to complete a successful ritual in conjunction with astrological alignments.

Whitney Houston was sacrificed in order to keep the occult machine moving.  The question is to what end?  Many of us are becoming aware and hopefully you are sharing this post with people.  We must wake-up and regain our spiritual domain. These occult followers operate in darkness for a reason.  They must be desperate to leave so many blatant “blues clues” for the average researcher.  Why do they risk being outed? What is happening that Whitney had to be murdered in between two televised occult rituals by Madonna and Nicki Manaj?

You must ask these questions and seek the truth.  Whitney Houston must not die in vain. Her death can be used to symbolize the greater awakening of the people. Below you will see three videos. Watch them and ask yourself are this many coincidences plausible?  After you watch them run to church (not the Catholic Church) and reclaim your spiritual birth right!

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Michael Erevna

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