Secret of the Sumerian Tablet? (Part II)

Secret of the Sumerian Tablet? (Part II)

Barring meeting the woman of my dreams, and the birth of my children, this has been one of the most exciting 48 hours of my life. I spent most of my day in a forum, at, in a thread, after I shared my discovery of a Cymatic match, with an image on the Sumerian Tablet, known as “The Seated Giant”.  Many people on the thread contributed many existing videos, on sound waves, creating complex patterns in water and crop circles.

It was clear to me sound wave energy and magnetics are the missing energy link to our ancient past. The leaps and bounds we could make in architecture would be astonishing. Earthquake and hurricane proof homes could be built out of stone. I am getting ahead of myself here!  I was able to make many connections to the tablet and I feel I have deciphered the true purpose.  The true nature of the tablet is a synthesis of forces integrated into a proven application.

How is it proven you ask? We need only to analyze the work and evidence of Edward Leedskalnin. He left tons of evidence and was the forerunner to our epoch in time. He did in fact realize ancient truths and was able to implement and deploy them. It was probably because he was not married and had no children!

You need only to watch this next video to understand the progressive evolution of the Secret of the Sumerian Tablet.  I truly believe this is the answer we are looking for as a people. Next, live experiments will be conducted and video taped, then shared with the world.

Please watch this video and leave your valuable feedback.

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Michael Erevna

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