Strange Sound Phenomenom Continues

Strange Sound Phenomenom Continues

When we first reported the strange sounds of buzzing and trumpet like sounds in diverse areas around the world many theories emerged.  None of them explain what “it” exactly is.  Some claim this is a natural occurrence, yet there is no track record, in the history of the world, of “Earth Wind & Fire” horn lines  busting out of the sky. For those people who have witnessed the sound, they all say it is captivating and alarming at the same time. In some cases the house even shakes.

Of course there is a Biblical relationship to this occurrence.  I find it interesting just because of the 2012 timeline and other cultures stated this is when a big change will occur.  Why wouldn’t the Bible be related to this? Although no one knows the day or the hour, signs leading up to the great change will be prevalent.  Most of us following this have heard theories like:

  • This is a magnetic disturbance
  • It is a waterphone (this guy must have crazy frequent flier miles)
  • Tectonic plates are shifting and making this noise
  • UFO have been seen above some of the areas making the noise

There has been no definitive explanation to date.  Which leads me back to the Bible. There have been several high-powered Earth quakes as of late like Mexico, Indonesia, and Chile again.  Perhaps the Earth is fighting back in her way against the stupidity of humanity at the behest of “The Most High?”  I remember when I read the Book of Enoch,  there was a verse that said “The Most High” will release the winds against the Earth. I watched on the news as over 100 hundred tornadoes touch down in the Southern USA.

I have never heard of this since I have been alive.  Have you?

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Michael Erevna

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