Apocalypse: Booty Bag

Apocalypse: Booty Bag

I have been hard pressed to find an all-in-one bug out bag, if the shyte hit the fan, and I have been looking for years!  This is the most comprehensive “in-the-bag” essential equipment list I have seen.  Luckily,  I found a really great site called uncrate.com. It gives you the opportunity to create a budget and get started because (at the time of this article) there are only 198 days left before the “gods” return and start squishing heads.  (If you are a regular on this site you know I am totally kidding.)

If the dude and his son in the movie, “The Road” had this bag they probably would have been the ones cooking people using Rachel Ray recipes!  Seriously, they would have been way better off.  In my opinion, this bag is perfect for any natural disaster which would cause you to fend for yourself and live off the land.

Not much else to say. Jump right in…

Okuma Voyager Spinning Travel Kit ($40). Ontario SP16 SPAX Firefighter Axe ($60). Steripen Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifier with Solar Charging Case ($120). Leatherman New Wave Multi-Tool ($60). MSR MiniWorks Microfilter ($90). Survival Seed Vault ($38). Adventure Medical Fundamentals Kit ($110). MSR Packtowl UltraLite ($10 – $30). Snow Peak Titanium Spork ($9). Paisley Cotton Bandanas ($6). Mountain House 72-Hour Emergency Meal Kit ($49). McNett Gear Aid Tenacious Tape ($1 – $15). PROKNOT Outdoor Knots ($5). DMM ALPHA Quickdraw ($28). Suunto Global Compass ($63). MSR Titan Pot ($112). Sierra Designs Tent Stakes ($10). Guyot Designs Bowl and Cup Set ($13 – $20). Petzl Tikka Headlamp ($53). Swedish Firesteel Scout Model ($6 – $20). COGHLANS Emergency Tinder Kit ($5). American Silver Eagle Coin in Air-Tite Capsule ($39). Cold Kukri Machete ($30). BIC Disposable Classic Lighter ($7). UTG Elite Tactical Leg Holster ($11). Smith Abrasives Diamond Combination Thumb Guard Micro Tool ($29). Type III Paracord ($12). Gregory Mountain Products Tarne Backpack ($140). Mammut Supernova Climbing Rope ($150). iOSAT Potassium Iodide Tablets ($8). Gregory Accessories Raincover ($30). Etón SCORPION Solar Powered Weather Radio ($50). Mossberg 500 Pump-Action Shotgun ($500). Hennessy Explorer Deluxe A-Symmetrical Hammock ($177). MTM Survivor Dry Box ($15). Mountain Hardwear Phantom Sleeping Bag ($290 – $365). Sea to Summit Reactor Extreme Thermolite Liner ($59). HK P2000 Pistol ($941). Hydrocodone ($TBD). Ciprofloxacin ($TBD). Atovaquone ($TBD). Shotgun Shells ($TBD). 9mm Bullets ($TBD).

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