Is the Sun a STARGATE?

Is the Sun a STARGATE?

Later this year,  a documentary about ancient Mayan discoveries is bound to blow the lid on the secret of the Sun.  If this proves to be authentic,  it gives credence to the theories of many researchers, the Sun is a star-gate.  I have personally seen video footage of orbs flying out of the Sun.  A recent NASA photograph of the Sun, has provided a match to the ancient artifact and many researchers are now convinced, 2012 will bring many world-changing events.

There is one researcher in particular (MagnetFlipper, aka, Al) who provided video footage using a technique known as “sunlight ablexation” and the technical configuration is unknown.  Basically,  he used a high-powered spotting scope with a filter and he was able to see orbs flying into and out of the Sun.   Mysteriously,  one day his YouTube channel was shut down and no further information has been given.

Another researcher,  by the name of Dr. Delbert Blair,  stated in one of his many lectures,  the Sun is not hot at all and all heat is a result of friction, with the Earth’s atmosphere.  I am not qualified to ascertain the veracity of this claim; but,  I have always been perplexed how astronauts in Space are not fried by being closer to the Sun.  The Sun is obviously a key to all life on Earth and if the ancient civilizations knew more about the totality of Solar functionality, then the Mayan documentary will be very interesting.

The Mayans also claim it will be the “return of the gods” in 2012 and many religions are awaiting the return of good and evil beings.  The Mayans say a great white hole will open in the sky and beings will pour out of it.  Perhaps, unbeknownst to the general population this is happening now.  I am sure NASA knows more than they share with the general public and with the advent of the Internet it is hard to keep a lid on anything these days.

One thing is for sure,  we are seeing unprecedented images of the Sun and everyone feels something big is happening now.   If beings do return, based on ancient literature, it can be good, bad, and ugly.  Some of these beings apparently felt compelled to develop the spiritual nature of humanity,  some took woman as wives and raped most of them, and some murdered man indiscriminately as if man was no more valuable than a squirrel.

According to the Bible, when the man known as Jesus returns, he will return from the sky with great power and glory.  Will He come from the Sun. Kind of ironic if you think about,  the Son returning from the Sun?  Keep your eyes on the Sun and the sky, because if and when things jump off,  you are not going to want to miss this!

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