President Obama, Antichrist or Akhenaten?

President Obama, Antichrist or Akhenaten?

As Presidential election time gears up,  the mud-slinging is sure to become epic, and what you will not hear in mainstream news, is the underground perspective.  Some will define these underground people as “bible thumpers” or “fringe people” and they believe President Obama is bad for the whole world.  If this was a court of law,  the evidence they use is nothing more than circumstantial and at the other end of the spectrum, would be defined as a far-reaching concoction of ecstasy, ayahuasca, and cocaine.  By this I mean,  President Obama is accused of being The Antichrist or a clone from Ancient Egypt, known as Akhenaten.

Some of you might have heard this before but people really believe this.  Just the other day a mutual friend told me an acquaintance would not be voting for President Obama because he is The Antichrist.  In one sense,  it is good people are reading the Bible and trying to identify the Antichrist; but,  at the same time, we must make sure we know the right person.  I am not convinced President Obama is the Antichrist.  He is supposed to fool the whole and everyone will follow him and this is not the case.  Racism is the constant divisive wild card most researchers do not consider.

Many people HATE President Obama because he has melanin or another known alias for his condition is,  he is a Black American. Why would Satan choose a host which has such negative connotations and reviled by most of the world, simply because of his skin color?  Many will argue President Obama has been stone-walled by The House simply to ensure his Presidency is a failure. The Bible describes the Antichrist as fooling the world with great signs and wonders.  President Obama has hardly done this and his Health Care Plan is not even close to a great wonder.

For the past 22 years of research I have encountered many other Presidents who were linked to the Antichrist.  President Obama,  is guilty of seesawing on key Biblical laws which makes him a politician and not an Antichrist. Perfect example was his position on gay marriage before and after the election.  This is a man trying to get reelected during a horrendous economy and poor approval ratings.

More over,  who said the Antichrist will even come out of America?  When Jesus was tempted by Satan on the mountain top,  he was promised all of the Kingdoms of the world.  Satan, already was running the world then and his control and reach has only grown.  What happens to all of the researchers and theologians if they are blatantly wrong?  Will they apologize to President Obama and his family? Or to their subscribers, members or fans?

PS:  In my opinion, President Obama’s nose is too wide to match Akhenaten.  They look similar but no cigar. He looks more like Arsenio Hall.  Just saying…

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Michael Erevna

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