The Second Coming and Worldwide Disasters

The Second Coming and Worldwide Disasters

Natural disasters in 2012 have been kicked up a notch and unless you are tracking them you will not realize the ramifications, especially from a Biblical perspective.  Earthquakes,  floods, hurricanes,  electrical storms, heat waves, solar flares and mass animal deaths have risen since 2011.   There should be a television channel dedicated to monitoring and exposing these natural disasters, exclusively.

Video compilation of prophetic Earth changes

The Bible stated earthquakes and diverse weather would be prevalent during the last days and the Mayans,  Hopi prophecy, including many other cultures stated there would be great earth changes wrapping up the end of their prophecies.  Many people have been concerned with mass animal deaths and now we must add to the list, sixty-three dormant volcanoes have become active in the last ninety days.

What we are seeing are massive Earth changes and they are building up to a bigger moment.  According to the Bible there will be a great earth quake unlike ever experienced before.  It says the whole Earth will shake and this sounds really bad.  Because you can take all of the above mentioned disasters and multiply them by ten.  In my opinion, the Sun’s energy is changing and causing all of the Earth and us,  to change.

This has been prophesied because the ancient civilization understood the Sun and knew it mutates over certain cycles.  The Earth is at the mercy of this change and predictions are nothing more than ancient Universal science coming to fruition.   The media appears to be more interested in entertainment than the exciting time of mass Earth changes.  The precursor to mass change certainly does not receive the attention it should!

In closing,  all of this extreme weather are the signs before the so-called rapture and then the return of Yeshua or according to the Mayans,  the return of God.  Either way upgrade your home-owners insurance now just in case you are left behind!

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