Kali, Thugz and Nagas

Kali, Thugz and Nagas

There is nothing new under the Sun and to the independent researcher this proves often true, more often than not.  Who knew the “Thug Life”  glorified by the Hip Hop social movement has ancient origins?  The earliest inhabitants of ancient India 7,000 bc were of African descent.  In fact,  and ironically enough the inhabitants were known as “Nagas.”  Does this sound familiar?  The name “Nigga”, slightly morphed from “Naga”,  is reminiscence  of the orignal ancient moniker and it was not an insult; but, a birth right.

The earliest statues of Buddha and the Goddess Kali all appeared African with strong African features.  Over the years they transformed into the Asian features we see today.  To see Buddha with a nose wider than James Evans from “Good Times”  and hair kinkier than Kunta Kinte is something to marvel.  Why the suppression of this ancient art work?  The spirit of African essence embody these sculptures and clearly this is the reason for the suppression.

According to the ancient story the Nagas were attacked by the nomadic European tribes for over 1,ooo years.  Because of their already established infrastructure and resource rich deposits, they became a target.  Because of the superior military tactics of the Nagas the Europeans decided to focus attacks on the spiritual centers; subsequently, they became corrupted.  Over time the spirituality of the Nagas became corrupted and therein began the decay of their culture.  Eventually, Northern India was captured and the conquerors knew to immediately incorporate the corrupted religion into the land.  Over time it became accepted as the original and practiced in earnest.

The original Nagas became downgraded in this new spiritual caste system and destruction came from within.  The Great Mother, Kali was replaced with the Supreme Father known as Brahma, and the Nagas became outcast.  All images, sculptures were replaced with the new counterfeit interpretations; however,  there was an ancient group known as “Thuggees” who refused to submit.  They were spiritually cultivated by Kali herself and would not be oppressed.

They ended up living in the worst part of the villages which today would be considered the slums.  They are most famous for their murders and robberies.  It is said they murdered over 2,000,000 people over a period of time.  The ancient story of the Thug cult stated they were warriors of Kali in her war against a powerful demonic entity.  The Thugs were actually known as Gods!  If Kali struck the Demon powerful armies were created from the blow.  Inevitably,  she trained her Thug Gods in the art of strangulation and equipped each of them with ubiquitous bandana worn today by gang members.

In later times the Thug cult was over 10,000 strong and considered the Brahmin and wealthy class as their mortal enemy.  Many of the Brahmin class was murdered and the wealth was redistributed to the poor.  In the early,  1800 the British realized the Thug cult was a serious threat to their prosperity and took measures to eliminate them. It was said by a thug they lost this war because they lost their spirituality.

Photo credit: Picture taken in 1993, at the Black Radio Exclusive, with (l) Todd Mushaw, musician, producer, and sound engineer with (r) Tupac rapper, actor, and activist.


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