Top 10 EVIL Popes

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Catholic followers are not going to like this post, but reap what you sow.  I never understood how people can submit their will to the Catholic Church.  The origin of the Church is evil and not much has changed.  You are hearing more cases of Priest including Bishops who have sexual assaulted male children.  This is a Church which does not follow the Word and makes their own man-made rules.

The Bible has a horrible reputation because of this Church yet many people follow the Catholic way.  My father once told me – “Don’t judge the Church by the man.”  He is blinded to say this because a spiritual leader would never have sex with little boys.  The Catholic Church has perverted the Word and are leading people deeper into Spiritual darkness.  Beware to all who given their souls to this Church.  RUN FORREST…RUN!

Michael Erevna, is Editor-in-chief of

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