Your Every PC Move is TRACKED

Your Every PC Move is TRACKED

 I had an old school high school buddy send me a revealing article regarding the hack of an FBI laptop.   A hacker group by the name AntiSec claims they hacked into an FBI laptop and discovered over 12 million UDIDs.   What the hell is a UDID and why should you care?  Well let’s educate you on UDID.

A UDID is a series of numbers and letters used by Apple and developers to uniquely identify your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.  See if the FBI has your UDID

So now you know if you are one of the 12 million people, the FBI can track your every move through your iPhone,  iPod touch, and iPad.  Much like an animal tagged in the wild!  For the record  “iHate” hearing this, but, we should all expect this right? Did you know that some investors and Board members of Facebook are linked to the CIA?  Google was put on blast for using a secret code to track the Web habits of users of Apple’s Safari browser.

Basically every site you visit is captured using your UDID and most likely linked to your social security number; consequently, stored in a super computer.  I remember many years ago I was reading a book titled “Leviathan 666” and it claimed IBM designed a super computer called “The Beast.”  This computer is housed in Brussels and it stores every computer stroke of our lives.  I took it with a grain of salt because my old high school buddy smugly looked at me and said,  “I know the guy who wrote the book you are reading and he roller skates around town wearing a white linen outfit and has an Afro with gold glitter in it.”  Then he laughed in my face and left.

Now as time unfolds we are finding this is very much true.  Maybe this is the Governments insurance policy so if we ever do challenge the establishment, a man in black suit will walk into the room and says how damaging it would be if the media found out you have an account at “Chunky Latina Butts” or you have a snuff film fetish.  It is clear our Constitutional rights have no defense against technology.

When you buy anything computerized you give up your rights to privacy,  just accept it.  Is this über Government surveillance really necessary?  Some would argue yes when you have a planes flown into skyscrapers or dudes shooting up movie theaters.   The average person would not think they would be a candidate for surveillance but as a member of Facebook, most likely you are.  You freely share your political views, personality traits, motivations, friend and family connections.  All of your Facebook activity is scored and modeled for statistical reporting.

In the end what can you do about?  Log out . . . for good.


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