Inter-Dimensional Beings Control Earth!

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Alex Jone’s radio show on June 5, 2011 claimed he received “inside” information, the elite power brokers of the Earth take orders from inter-dimensional beings.  According to Jone’s sources,  the elite take diamethyltriptamine (DMT) and take counsel while “tripping” from clock-work elves.  They are promised eternal life and must kill humanity in order for this to happen. He also emphatically states the sole reason for the elite being in power ​is ​DMT.

In my opinion,  this is illogical because ancient Egyptians or South Americans should ​still​ be in power if this is the case.  Did you know there are ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics instructing how to insert liquid DMT extracts directly into their anuses?  Think of it as a “heiney-beer-bong” and the anus is a rapid delivery system for the human body to transport DMT to the brain.  This approach has been re-evaluated because if DMT is ingested a MAO inhibitor is required for absorption. Not to mention the fact drinking it taste like gorilla vomit and cow farts. By this I mean it is very difficult to stay down.  How is this for best practices ancient Egypt!?

Now the South American shaman are famous for drinking this ghastly tasting brew and were known for great knowledge and answers to mysteries of the Universe.  Many wonders of South America can be attributed to DMT including the Nazca lines of Peru.  South American civilization  incorporated DMT directly into their culture and if the rantings of Jones are true should they not still be in control of the Earth?  Yet, clearly their civilizations reached a pinnacle and then declined while using DMT.

So what exactly ​is ​the purpose of Jones poorly researched tirade on the demerits of DMT? Many professional psychiatrist are endorsing clinical studies of the merits of DMT and the direct relationship to healing emotional traumas and addictions.  The most famous is Dr. Rick Strausman the author of “The Spirit Molecule”, who conducted studies of the effects of DMT on his subjects.  Ironically,  none of his control group was approached while tripping and told to “take over the world and kill people.” Furthermore,  none of them had orgasms for 3 days!  Do you not think if this was true ​everyone​ in the world would keep a stash of DMT and it would be the end of marriage?

If you have the time, you can research the personal testimony of Terrance McKenna who immersed himself into personal experimentation with DMT.  He calls DMT the gateway to another dimension or Universe which co-exist with ours. It acts as the personal training ground for all of us.  DMT is natural it can be extracted from grass, trees, and the mimosa hostilis bark is the most potent. McKenna found DMT to be enlightening and expanded his consciousness to the state of understanding – we are all one.  As you can see McKenna’s testimony is diametrically opposed to the rantings of Alex Jones.

Jones has never even taken DMT before and claims “even the Bible says do not take it.”  How Jones can mention the Bible and keep a straight face is preposterous. If he was a student of the Bible he would know to stay aware of current events; but, do not become consumed by them.  Remember to cultivate your spirit everyday and never worry about things you have no control. His whole operation is based on spreading fear and paranoia.  Without scandals and the so-called elite he would have no purpose. His sole purpose in his video is to dissuade people from even considering the merits of DMT.  You have to ask yourself why? Why would Alex Jones speak so passionately about such a poorly researched subject?

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Michael Erevna is a writer, inventor, solutions architect and independent researcher
of: ancient civilizations, spirituality, mysticism, and Biblical teachings.

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  • I got that DMT. I give it away for free at first, then see who comes back for more.

  • Manna Made

    Alex used to get down on pot heads once upon a time, but no longer does that. I think he’s evolving just like everyone else. He’s done a lot of good waking up the masses to the issues we face today. However, he, like you and I are just human. I believe he is sincere. He’s had Joe Rogan on his show that got into the DMT conversation. I myself have add the experience about a dozen times. It was a paradigm shift in awareness for me. The Magic Mushroom is 4 hdroxy DMT and I’ve experienced that to many times to count. If you subscribe to what Dr. David Hawkins suggest is the case in his book “Power vs. Force” that we all are at different levels of consciousness, then there is no sense getting frustrated by the view points of others. You can not expect someone at the level of 200 to see the world the same as someone at the level of 600. Not gonna happen. Death is the illusion of the EGO. The key to understanding it all is understanding that it is EGO that limits your understanding because the EGO is addicted to its world view. Any information that conflicts with the EGO’s world view is not welcome. While I appreciate what Terrance McKinna has provided in his exploration of the psychedelic world, I must keep in mind that Terrance did have dealings with the C.I.A. so his motives are suspect. None the less I love listening to his experiences. The deeper you dig into this reality the more bizarre it becomes. The Gnostics believe, that there were 2 creations, one real and the other a counterfeit one. When the “Sons of the true GOD (the real creation) saw the daughters of man (the counterfeit one) and had sex and procreated, that act imprisoned the true being into this counterfeit one. When you consider the absolute EVIL that has and still is dominating this world, I have to admit we have a real problem. To quote Julius Cesar “our greatest enemy hides in the place you least expect to find him.” There is an aspect about ourselves that most are not aware of,it’s this..”there is a voice inside your head and you think its you, but its not!” Satan means “to oppose” and Devil means “liar”. Our opposition is the liar within, that voice we think is “I” seems to me to be a sort of HACK of the conciseness.
    All events are neutral, we choose how we respond to any event. We have freewill, we choose the emotion. Why on earth would anyone choose to harm themselves for something that someone else has done to them? When you choose anger and pain and self hate you are hurting yourself. That’s the game we are in. This creation is a hologram, its not real. It’s an interactive theater we are in. Is evil part of the game or has a hack occurred? I don’t know. I prefer that its part of the script. According to the gnostics, its a hack and that all of this must be destroyed. That does not appeal to me, but if its the truth I will accept it. My experience with DMT has removed the fear of death from me. I wish for peace to be in this world and if it can not be because evil is hardwired into this creation, then I pray for it to be done away with. I admit that I am attached to this thing we call life. I see the potential we have and dream of a world that could be. I work towards that end. Its the only thing that keeps me going. I’m 60 years old now. I’m so happy to have been here and for the experiences I have had, that has brought me to this place of understanding. I want peace for the world. We are at a tipping point. Which way will it go? We must be the change we wish to see. The change within us reflects outside. Myself and many others are changing, lets hope there is enough of us to create the 100th monkey effect. I believe we can do so much better, but we have acknowledge the problems we face before we can correct them.

  • Manna Made

    I’m interested to hear anyone’s comments, but I forgot to check the box that will notify me of any comments so I’m posting this message should anyone wish to comment.


  • Gordon Jenkins

    Luke 4{30. Jesus passed righy through them! Jesus phase shifted! When Jesus fed the 5000, he phase shifted to the alternate realities. In the first reality, the first row was fed, in the second, the second row, etc. Jesus brought all the realities together at one place at one instant. It was amazing! Miracles get done by phase shifting interdimensionally from one universe to the next. Albert Einstein regretted the possibility of interdimensional travel, but Jesus was an old hand at it and a highly skilled navigator

  • Nicole M. Couture

    I’d be interested in knowing where you got your information on The Nazca Lines and DMT?