The Vatican Orion Nebula Connection

The Vatican Orion Nebula Connection

Many of us remember a book we started to read and it was so engaging we could not put it down until the last page.  This was my experience with the book  “Orion and the Vatican by Danny Wilten.  This is the type of book which causes the world to reëxamine accepted scientific conclusions and religious dogma about ancient civilization’s understanding of The Creator. Furthermore,  it validates with concrete evidence all civilizations were not only aware of The Most High; but, the Universal location of Him!  It was also the first interactive book I read and it provided comprehensive sources including videos in a flash.



Wilten’s ground breaking research and correlation of evidence is the string which neatly ties together already picked flowers, if you will. All of this would not have been possible without his analysis of the Hubble Telescope’s pictures of the Orion Nebula.  Wilten made associations between breathtaking art by Vatican artist like Michelangelo, Leonardo Divinci, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, who all shared a common esoteric vector of space in their art, which neatly matches overlays of the Orion nebula, while blatantly illustrating God, Angels, and Man.  The artist’s  intent and understanding of the Orion nebula was deliberate, purposeful and meticulously reflected in their art.

Wilten’s research focused on the architectural splendor of Vatican churches where the Orion nebula is neatly masked in art and sculpture using archetypes.  He supplemented his research with Sumerian, Egyptian and Asian “Gods” which are clearly associated with the Orion nebula.  This means rethinking all ancient cultures because many are labeled pagan and counter-intuitive to the belief and reverence to one God! The irony is all of them have conspicuously identified the exact point in Space where the Divine conscious is centered, including the Bible!


Amos 5:8

Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The LORD is his name:


Unlocking and decoding the spiritual capabilities of humanity is key to understanding how these ancient cultures and Vatican artist could see the Orion nebula without the aid of telescopes, let alone infrared!  This is the question we need to ask ourselves. There is evidence man was consciously and spiritually aware Orion was not only the home to Father; but,  to the Son and the Holy Spirit. The deeper Wilten delved into the Orion nebula overlay the more amazing the associations became.

Most researchers know the Pyramids of Giza are the earthly representation of the Orion star system. These stars can easily be superimposed over the Pyramids of Giza and the match is perfect.  Wilten was able to make another key association of the Orion nebula juxtaposed against the Delta Nile of Egypt. This river matches the vector map of aspects of the Orion nebula! None of this is by accident and the probability of this being a coincidence is improbable. Furthermore,  the terrestrial view of (today’s) Egypt’s geography also matches the Orion nebula; consequently, threatening the validity of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

Images from the book “Orion in the Vatican”

Another enlightening part of the Orion nebula is it represents the skull, pineal gland and spine of man! It is telling us the importance of our chakra system and the pineal gland as the transport system for communing with Spirit.  Wilten shows us the place of the crucifixion of Christ called Golgotha (which means place of the skull) is clearly represented in the Orion nebula as a skull!  This gives credence to the practice of meditation and the importance of the detoxification of our pineal gland.  Truly,  the Kingdom of Heaven is within yet we have externalized the seeking of the Kingdom.

All of the major ancient creation myths point to a beginning in Orion.  This includes the Sumerians, Egyptians, Olmecs, Dogon and the Mayans.  It is clear historically we are all worshiping the same God.  These Vatican artist were separated by thousands of years from ancient cultural spiritual ideology yet they too capture the origin of worship to the Orion nebula.  These artist have validated what the Hubble Telescope captured as exact and irrefutable evidence of  a link between Earth, Man and Orion.

Wilten used a backdrop of Hermetic philosophy,  visionaries,  ancient great minds, artist and Biblical Scripture to neatly weave together an understanding based on the tapestry of the Orion nebula.  If you do not understand there is a Creator after seeing this then you will never get it.  If you can not see all of the cultures of the Earth have recognized Orion as the throne of God then you are refusing to recognize the obvious. Wilten is simply correct in saying we have been going to war over a metaphor.



I was speaking to a friend of mine about the book and he asked me: “Why is this valuable to my spiritual life? How do I apply it to my life?”  I replied to him, it not only proves the ancient people recognized ONE God but causes scientist, scholars and theologians to reexamine labeling them as absolutely polytheistic or in other words pagan.  It is apparent at one time these cultures recognized ONE God. Meaning if these cultures returned they would definitely file a defamation lawsuit against the establishment. It also proves they were not primitive savages and recognized the Divinity of the Creator plus knew His address!

Second, it shows mankind physical evidence, the importance of the chakra system and the pineal gland.  As Christian institutions scoff at Yoga and meditation,  it illustrates a necessary spiritually activated mechanic, which facilitates a connection with the Creator.  The pineal gland is the human transport mechanism to illumination and Christ consciousness.  Finally, people do not have to rely on Faith alone because now there is an I.P. address in Space where you can log on and check your status.

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