Jamie Foxx Declares Obama Lord!

Jamie Foxx Declares Obama Lord!

During this weeks Soul Train Music Awards, Jamie Foxx revved up the crowd by encouraging them to “give it up for the Lord and Savior Barack Obama!”  Was this part of a misguided comedy routine? Maybe it was or maybe he knows something we do not, because I am curious why he gestures to the ground.  Obviously President Obama is not Lord and Savior and behavior like this fuels the rumors President Obama is the Antichrist.  In my opinion,  this proves Jamie Foxx is not a student of the Bible and he violated comedy ethics.  To compare President Obama to Jesus Christ is a travesty to the Son of God and a slew of prophets.

What exactly has President Obama done to give him “God” status?  I saw the worst debate of his life and I am unaware of any debate Jesus ever lost.  Jesus bested every person who tried to debate him.  Furthermore,  I have not seen one miracle President Obama has performed and the last time I checked,  killing people was not an act of the Lord and Savior.  In fact, Jesus allowed himself to be murdered when he could have commanded His Angels to rip people’s legs off and beat them to death.  Jesus took the road less traveled on Earth and this was the road of Love. 

I think Jamie Fox is exuberant about the fact a “Black” man was re-elected to a second term and he is over compensating in his comedy routine.  If Jamie’s grandmother was alive he would probably be smacked in this face.  He certainly used poor comedy judgement and he should apologize to those he has offended.  If he tried this routine in a Muslim country and compared President Obama to Allah,  he certainly would be murdered on the stage.

If anybody truly believes President Obama is the Lord and Savior it has to be all the investment banks who received free money from the tax payers!

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Michael Erevna

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