Proof Of Heaven:Interview with Dr. Alexander

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For those of us who have experienced the loss of a loved one, know the importance of faith in the afterlife.  Many times this subject is ridiculed by atheist and naysayers, yet now we have testimony from Dr. Eben Alexander III.  He has brought credence to the reality of life after death.  Dr. Alexander, woke up one morning with severe back pain, headache and then fell into a coma. He suffered with a grand mal seizure and stayed in the coma for 1 week. 

What I like about his experience is Heaven transcends race. Meaning these groups like Black Israelites who claim White people are not welcome in Heaven is false; conversely, these groups who claim Blacks will not welcome in Heaven is false.  Jesus (John 10:16) said all are welcome to the Kingdom.  In my opinion the question is:  How was Heaven accessed?  Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is within.  Is inner space the location of Heaven?  It would make sense under the duality principle of reality.  If outer space is real, then the counter part of outer space is inner space.

If you are not interested in reading Dr. Alexander’s book “Proof of Heaven” watch this video interview.  I would still read the book.  It is an easy read and quite compelling!

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