Giants of Ancient America

Giants of Ancient America

Jim Vieira is a stone mason (stone builder) who is an ancient giant enthusiast who has colossal appetite for ancient stone, mound, and architecture.  He has spent an enormous amount of time researching the structures and history of each giant site.  During this time he has amassed thousands of cases which point toward giant human evidence.  He has challenged the orthodox archaeological and scientific communities and feels we have been hoodwinked by misinformation.  Giant human evidence has been suppressed and many other sites have not been covered by main stream media.   

Many people have visited Revelation Now and commented there is no evidence of giants. After watching this video you will hear of many giant discoveries that were not included in our history books. Why are giant discoveries not ubiquitous throughout main stream education? You will hear in the video George Washington even discovered giant skeletons!  Was this history not worthy of capturing in his biography?

Many a time I heard how the Smithsonian suppressed giant archaeological discoveries not cleared by the Vatican. Much akin to the scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” when the Ark of the Covenant was placed into a crate boxed up and ferreted to a row in an immense warehouse. It is clear we do not understand the past and think we can discover, disseminate and quantify 10,000 years of culture and history in one lifetime. Gerald Massey (who dedicated over 40 years to Ancient Egypt) the premiere authority on Ancient Egypt felt as if he was only scratching the surface of Ancient Egypt. We should all be so grounded and humble when it comes to the ancient past.

People also say giant humans are not possible because gravity would crush them, yet museums are filled with behemoth dinosaurs which once traipsed across the Earth. I find Vieira’s research commendable because he brings to light many unpopular sites and history to the giant researcher community. Please take the time to enlighten yourself and become a mental giant on our ancient giant human history.


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