Levitating Cars of the Future (China)

Levitating Cars of the Future (China)

I saw the most amazing story on BeforeItsNews.com regarding the future of cars in the world. It would be shocking if we had not seen so many floating cars in the movies; but, to know it is a possibility in our lifetime is exciting.  To watch the progressive evolution of automotive conceptualization is the beginning of everything new.  This future car is so Eco-friendly the Earth will smile when these cars are ubiquitous across the roadways of the world.  All of this has begun in the city of Chengdu in China.

This car is not yet a reality and will require the entire transportation infrastructure to be fitted with electro-magnetic strips.  This is just like the natural Ley-Lines of the Earth used by the ancients to move megalithic stones. If you think about it, the cars of the future sound so much safer than today, because you could not drive them on the sidewalk! It reminds me of the cars I saw in the Tom Cruise movie “Minority Report.”  Anyway, you can see more of the innovation in China at People’s Car Project and take a gander at this video to see the future of driving . . . at least in China!

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