Amateur Telescope Captures UFO Explosion

Amateur Telescope Captures UFO Explosion

A backyard telescope aficionado captured the rarest footage of an exploding UFO in Space.  The Sacramento, California resident promptly uploaded the video to Facebook where “Good Day Sacramento” reporter Cody Stark broke the story.  We hope the man who recorded the video using a smartphone will upgrade his accessories to capture an HD version the next time!

There has been “talk” of a UFO war in space for sometime now or maybe the UFO was running Windows 8?  The UFO appears to burst into confetti and other ships fly out of it. Which would make it a “mother-ship”, right?  Also, people claim these UFO are “gods” controlling the planet, well it is good to know the “gods” are not perfect and have “vehicle” trouble.  I just hope they have better warranties in Space than on Earth.

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Michael Erevna

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