Alex Jones: More Harm than Good?

Alex Jones: More Harm than Good?

I have watched Alex Jones ever since his Bohemian Grove days and I have always been skeptical of him.  You see I have a military background and I am well aware of the available technology.  There are satellite up-links scanning longitude and latitudes which will alert you if a thermal image is detected.  We are talking about the élite of the world being present, are we not? There was enough money in Bohemian Grove to buy NASA on a mark up.  So are we to believe a man could just drive up to the area, traipse across the dark forest and find where the secret ceremony is unfolding…undetected? Just my opinion, and this will not change.

Now here is my perspective on Alex Jones,  he makes some great arguments and brings much passion to issues; however, he is Spiritually bankrupt.  He offers no leadership under the tenets of true Spiritual power. Some of the greatest leaders this world has seen, were architects of change because of Spiritual power. From Gandhi to Dr. Martin Luther King, change became ubiquitous because at was sprung in the spirit of the people. 

Ask not what God can do for you
but what you can do for God

Michael Erevna

This attribute evades the persona of Alex Jones and in this Spiritual War he is not fighting for Jesus Christ.  He does not practice His Spiritual ideology (as evident in his profanity riddled tirades) nor glorify the Kingdom.  In my opinion, Alex is playing his role in a table that has already been set and menu written.  Historically, men that were threats to the establishment were later murdered. From John F. Kennedy, Malcolm X, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, silence was at the end of hot bullets.

Yet, Alex Jones prospers and is given a greater voice to be seen and heard from his latest appearance on the Piers Morgan Show.  The media conglomerates control the media and if Alex Jones was a threat he would not be on television. There is another agenda here and it is one of distraction. To keep the “sheeple” inundated with the emotion of the issue and not taking action out of disillusionment?  How many people have actually contacted their State representative and demanded protection of the Second Amendment?

Alex Jones has been blessed by the establishment to fight the establishment. Do you understand what I just said? He has been given permission to make noise and he will not be touched.  Do not be fooled. If someone is truly in fear of their safety the last thing they are going to do is schlep their bags around New York City.  The great thing about Spirituality, you are programmed to test EVERYTHING do away with the bad and hold fast to what is good.   Some of us know there are Spiritual forces at play in this war and we must be aware of this fact.

Jones has too many personalities to keep track of as well.  On one occasion he was on his radio show  challenging a “caller” to fight him.  Telling him, “I will be in New York you punk! You effin coward!” and acting like he is nice in the streets.  If you know what I mean.  Then he appeared on the Piers Morgan show (notice how Piers never looked worried) and belligerently stated his case for the Second Amendment. After the show he released a video stating how concerned he was the “Bloomberg” mafia was after him. What are you Alex Jones, a lap dog or a junk-yard dog?  Hard to keep track. Let me go on record and say this: absolutely nothing is going to happen to Alex Jones except a fat paycheck.

Alex do you understand if a hit is coming you will not see it?

You know who is scared to walk around in public?  George Zimmerman! Now that is fear for you. Fear is when you get dressed to leave the house and you have to yell,  “Honey, where did you put my bullet proof vest?” That says it all, doesn’t it?  You don’t see Zimmerman releasing a video saying, “Black folks are after me. They give me looks like they want to hurt me. If I end up dead by a crackhead,  it was the Blacks!” That man is laying low like a villain on penicillin.

This is starting to look like a poorly scripted movie where all of the actors are has-beens.  Does this mean we should not be standing up for our rights to bear arms. Not what I am saying, what I am saying is what is the point of this distraction? How come the reoccurring theme is not, bombard your State representative with protest. Or let’s plan a peaceful protest against the subversion against the Constitution. Nothing wrecks an economy (or traffic) like a protest. You get the elites attention by pulling at their purse strings.

I am not sure if you are aware of the schism between the late William Cooper and Alex Jones; but, William called Jones a fake or some type of dis-info agent.  Alex, countered calling him an alcoholic who talked about nothing but flying saucers.  We have two so-called patriots here and one was killed while the other prospers.  One served the country while the other serves who?  There is a great deception at hand here and we must vet all of the players.

William Cooper says Alex Jones is a fear-monger

I choose to follow the Spiritual path of consciousness.  Even quantum physicist have discovered the invisible is more vast and greater than the visible.  Is this not part of Spirit?  The greatest power we have access to, is Spirit.  Why follow or support a man who mentions nothing of this?   It is possible to build a collective conscious against any tyranny but getting overly emotional is not the answer.  We need to rethink what is playing out on television. We have been placed in a reactionary state. It is time to shift to a proactive approach.   After the Piers Morgan show it appears the people are arguing who won. Was it the pompous Englishman or the belligerent American?  Who cares? We need to rethink how we react and most of all, who we are Spiritually.  Because therein lies true power.

In closing, it was not my intent to offend any of the Alex Jones followers. I am sure he has done some good things; but, in the Spirit realm he has been found inept.  If you think Spirituality is not important it helped the African-Americans survive slavery and the Jewish people to survive the Holocaust. It is the active ingredient every movement needs to evolve.  Without it you are just hot air. Contact your State representative today and support the Second Amendment.

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