Piers Morgan:Shoots Self in Foot!

Piers Morgan:Shoots Self in Foot!

After the much ballyhooed gun control debate between Piers Morgan and Alex Jones the fact checkers have jumped in and let’s hope they get equal media billing. Piers Morgan is now in the proverbial hot seat for shooting his mouth off on false US gun death facts. His main “hollow” point was over 11,000 murders occurred in the US. According to the FBI this is as false as George Washington’s (RIP) teeth.

This just proves my theory if you are a pompous bloke from the “Old Country” you can make anything sound true. Come on Brits do the best butter commercials!  Although, Alex Jones dropped the ball when it came to a statistical debate and came off like a threatened mountain gorilla, the fact checkers are saving the day!  The question is: Why is Piers Morgan peddling false information?  The irony is,  he is not even from here.  He is definitely a foreigner trying to attack the Second Amendment. 

The real gun facts from the Piers Morgan vs Alex Jones Debate

If he would have presented all the facts objectively like a good journalist should then this would be another story. He clearly armed himself with false facts to shape public perception against guns.  He is using his position to deceive the ignorant under the auspicious of saving the kids.  I think more people die from smoking every year; but, people are not busting into schools and killing people with cigarettes.

We still need to fine tune the existing gun laws to ensure the wrong people do not end up with guns.  If you have to get a background check to drive a car then get one to own a gun.  This is to protect the innocent!  Anyway enjoy the FACTS!

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