Bishop Dry Humps to Consecrate!

Bishop Dry Humps to Consecrate!

I thought I had seen it all in the Black churches of America but no pun intended this takes the cakes. If Jesus and His angels are returning soon I hope they switch over to the HOV lane. Things are clearly out of hand in the church. The man in question is Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, is the Founder and President of The Impact Network, the only all African American Founded and Operated National Christian Television Network. He is also the senior pastor of Impact Ministries International located in Detroit, Michigan. Bishop Jackson holds an honorary doctorate of divinity degree from St. Thomas Christian College in Jacksonville, Florida.

Now Bishop Jackson has a new ritual where he lays a sheet then a robe over the men, as the men lay on the floor as if “planking” and then Bishop Jackson lays on the men, aligning his “junk” to their butt cracks.  Sorry to be so graphic but there is no easy way to explain this. Also, this sounds very similar to a ritual in prison called “knowing” a man.  Please show me a ritual from the Old or New Testament that says: “As consecrating a new deacon of the church, thou shall preseth thy junketh to the backside. Thank ye.”

I mean what was the dress rehearsal for this like? How did he break it to the two men? Did he say, “I need you to lay on your tummies and then I will dry hump (accept I won’t move,Uh…I promise) you in the name of the Lord.” I am flabbergasted to even have witnessed this in a church. The sad thing is the people validate this by staying in the church.  I would promptly have packed up my family and left this particular church in my rear view mirror. 

It makes so much sense why Jesus has so many problems with the church when He returns.  The church has broken so many laws of the Bible. There has got to be a better way to get the Holy Spirit inside you. It appears the only Churches doing things right these days is…chicken.

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Michael Erevna

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