GIANT Earth Size Cubes Near Sun!

GIANT Earth Size Cubes Near Sun!

Actually the title does not do justice to the facts, these giant UFO cubes are actually larger than the Earth! How NASA responds will be interesting. The size of these cubes is mind boggling and the question is: What the hell are they? They are being compared to the Star Trek episode where the “Borg” arrive in a gigantic cube. The inhabitants of the Borg cube mother ships were cybernetic humans bent on conquering and assimilating their trophies into the hive.

The size of the planets compared to the Sun

There is also a very sacred giant cube in Mecca called the Kaaba. Muslims are required to make a trip to Mecca and participate in a ritual where they walk counter-clockwise around this giant cube. It is considered the most sacred site in Islam. Perhaps there is an ancient connection here? The cube in Space is larger than the Earth and perhaps it is the home to Angelic beings? All I know is there are many of them around the Sun and the cubes have not made their presence known to the Earth, other than being observed by SOHO.

This is not the first time these giant cubes have been captured by SOHO.  In July of 2011 and May of 2012 one was seen passing the Sun and again the size is mind boggling. If memory serves me correct the cube orbited the Sun for about a month and then left. NASA can not explain these away as comets or asteroids because the four dimensional shape and sheer size.  I am keeping my eye on these because personally I believe December 21, 2012 was the end of an age and we are officially in a new one where can expect exciting revelations.

I heard some alternative theories from “special” Earth people who are in contact with aliens. Yes, and they sound really serious about what is happening in the Universe. How legitimate this is, only time will tell; however, “they” say a war is going on and the Earth is being protected from evil Space beings. I know this is a lot to believe but I try to keep an open mind since there are cubes bigger than Earth floating around the Sun.

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