UFO or Spirits at Second Obama Inauguration?

UFO or Spirits at Second Obama Inauguration?

More strange happenings surround this second Obama inauguration.  Again, the Presidential Oath of Office Ceremony is flubbed and now definite strange lights in the sky.  My own personal synchronicity has bubbled up in this story because I just published an article on the true purpose of the (ancient Egyptian pagan obelisk) Washington Monument. In the video below you will see strange lights appear around the Washington Monument during coverage of the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Ceremony.

Spiritual being manifest into our dimension

When Obama received his Nobel Peace Prize there was also a strange phenomenon in the night sky over Oslo, Norway. Is there a connection here? I would have to say there are in fact Spiritual answers. Especially after understanding the relationship of the Washington Monument  to an ancient mind-control-spiritual gateway configuration from the days of ancient Egypt.  It should be no surprise what was witnessed.

Spirits appear in night sky over Oslo, Norway

What you are seeing are fallen spiritual beings manifesting in our dimension and there will be many more…soon. If you had the opportunity to see Lady Gaga perform as a featured Inaugural  guest you know what I am talking about. This “lady” had no business being associated with the President nor as a role model.  How Obama can relate to Lady Gaga is very telling of his intrinsic value spiritual value system.

Strange lights and musical acts aside flubbing the oath can not be an accident. What you are seeing is the new dark liberal America where anything goes. Remember the number one law of what you are seeing is — “Do what thou whilt.” No longer do we rely on the inspired Word of God, now we listen to Lady Gaga herald in the Age of a New Race. She is strange, the President does strange things and strange lights appear by the Washington Monument during his Inauguration.

Lady Gaga featured Inaugural act praised her love of “Judas the demon”

These fallen angels, spirits, ufo — call them what you will, are now openly manifesting to see Obama. Why is he so important to them? Why do they need to see him? Just from watching the video evidence from Oslo should raise red flags. The Bible tells you to look for strange signs in the sky and you are seeing them. Now what are you going to do? Continue to follow a man or follow Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth — Bible?

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