Wife of Deceased Batman Map Maker Speaks

Wife of Deceased Batman Map Maker Speaks

Many of us were shocked to learn the man responsible for the “The Dark Knight Rises” map Scott Getzinger, which referenced Sandy Hook, was killed in April 2012, on “Good Friday.”  He was also from Newtown, Connecticut which fueled many theories and was a bona fide synchronicity after the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre.  Scott’s widow, Susan Getzinger, has transformed her grief into a vehicle for exposing the truth regarding corruption in Newtown, cover-ups, and big pharmaceutical.

According to Susan the school system administrators are in collusion and not only carrying out personal vendettas (against families who complain about special services) with impunity; but, had Adam Lanza records sealed from public viewing.  I thought they were studying Adam’s brain and the records were in the public domain? Perhaps, there are liability issues we are unaware and the school is protecting their interest?

Susan’s research has revealed chemicals in food, vaccines, and psychotropic drugs act as the precursor to children being turned into conscious-less killers. She is convinced this chemical catalyst is known by the food industry and big pharmaceutical as a volatile combination for murder.  Susan is a firecracker and woe to those who are in the path she is blazing. The passion of her words resonate and are bringing light to many issues which deserve practical analysis.

Below is a video of Susan speaking and she does make some good points even though boys do not have two XX chromosomes!

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