Farrakhan on Obama: The Road to Splitsville

Farrakhan on Obama: The Road to Splitsville

I remember watching in horror as world leader after world leader called then Presidential candidate Barrack Obama “The Messiah” or “The One” or “The Illuminated Soul” the Earth has been awaiting,  Minister Farrakhan included.  Alas, it appeared to me these leaders did not just “drink the Kool Aid”, they smoked it! As wave after wave of cherry lipped leaders espoused their gospels on why President Obama was so special I became instantly suspicious and most shocked Minister Farrakhan would endorse a man the world stage, had recently been introduced.

Minister Farrakhan calls Presidential Candidate Obama “The Messiah”

The irony is the same warning and analysis Malcom X applied to the then openly persecuted Black community can once again be applied to President Obama. We have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, run-a muck by President Obama. Especially the Black community, yet Minister Farrakhan allowed President Obama to operate without his normal persecution of the unjust. In 2009-10 the national graduation rate for Black male students was 52%! This fact did not tug at the heartstrings of President Obama (“his own people”) as he witnessed the decay of the Black male in society.

President Obama is the perfect follow-up act to President Bush because of appearances. This was part of a larger pre-planned psychological agenda to make his decisions untouchable. Because of President Obama’s so-called “blackness” you were attacked if you are Black and (granted there are A LOT of racist who want to explode over his election to President) criticized him or if you are White you were called a racist or worst a Republican! You need to only research the backlash actor Stacey Dash received from openly supporting Presidential Candidate Romney.

The Black community was so desperate to be validated psychologically they rallied behind Obama without a preponderance of a doubt. President Obama certainly is not concerned with the educational genocide of Blacks or Latino children nor improving the educational infrastructure in their communities, yet he has no problem loaning $60 million dollars to Syrian rebels. Where was the media out cry (or world leader) when President Obama’s administration let the global giant bank HSBC operate on US territories and perform criminal acts?

HSBC was allowed to knowingly launder $800 million for drug cartels and fund terror cells! Yet, they were merely fined $6 billion dollars for their criminal acts in total violation of The Bank Secrecy Act and The Patriot Act. Do you think the elite at the top of HSBC banking operation whose net worth is $2.637 trillion blinked?  This was not justice by the Obama administration but a partnership!

How Did HSBC Execs Avoid Jail? They voted for change you can believe in

We can even look at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut who openly singled out Blacks and Latinos for higher interest rates on those toxic sub-prime mortgage loans which crippled the global economy. You have to understand these racist bankers sat around a board room table and all agreed Blacks and Latinos are not viewed as equal members of society and as a result should pay more than their White counterparts in interest. If you want to make a statement pull your money out of all Citizen’s Bank because they are owned by RBS!

I say all this because if you are President of the US (or a Black/Latino person in America) and you have experienced discrimination, you would like to change it, this is human nature. Also, you would send a harsh message to racism by heavy fines or punishment. The headline would be “racism does not pay” yet again nothing has been done about this by President Obama. It is clear President Obama’s agenda is no different than any of his predecessors. What do you have to say about this Black people, who dangle on his every word?

Where are your 40 acres and a mule? You have a Black President yet you are the only racial group not to receive reparations for attempted genocide of your race. Let’s take a look at how reparations have played out over history. You have the tax free American Indians whose casino revenue in 2012 was over $26.5 billion…tax free. President Ronald Reagan passed a law to provide $1.6 billion in reparations to Japanese Americans for internment during World War II. The Jewish people were given their own country in a land that is arguably not theirs, according to the seemingly endless wars over it in the Middle East.

Comedic genius Dave Chappelle’s parody on Blacks finally receiving reparations

Now if you take a look at the American Negro/Colored/Black/African American slavery you have over 400 years of brutal maniacal slavery making America the “Super Power” it is today. Scholars debate between 40 million and 100 million Africans died during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and much of their cultural history destroyed. If the death of 6 million Jews was repaired by obtaining their own country what are the lives of 40 million Africans worth? Right now according to President Obama…zero. Besides feeling proud that the US President has 50% more melanin than his predecessors, what exactly is he doing for Black America? If anything he is the banker’s President.

I even have to call Minister Farrakhan out on this one. Kind of a sidebar here, but he openly celebrated Tyler Perry for dressing up like a Black Southern grandmother (Madea) as the backbone and strength of the Black family. Did Minister Farrakhan forget or not know that on the plantation Black fathers were gruesomely murdered in front of their families?  This was done to emasculate the Black father figure and make the plantation owner the father figure. As a result the Black woman became leader of the family and could be the closest to the plantation owner. Much like you see in corporate America today! If you do not believe me, peruse through your corporate “Facebook” and see how many Black males you see near the top. And at the rate Black males are graduating High School you will most likely never see this at all and it is not a priority on the Obama agenda! 

Farrakhan loves Tyler Perry in drag

I guess the honeymoon is over between Minister Farrakhan and President Obama. No more sweet talk and messiah accolades are flowing from the lips of Minister Farrakhan regarding President Obama these days. I recently saw him juxtapose an analysis of Sodom and Gomorrah while including President Obama’s track record on gay marriage. He respectfully began to connect the dots and raise suspicion of President Obama’s Spiritual integrity.  This was a stark contrast to his earlier christening of President Candidate Obama as “The Messiah.” Up to this point I wondered if Minister Farrakhan  had been replaced by a Clone or a Fembot.

Farrakhan responds to President Obama endorsing Gay marriage

Now Minister Farrakhan is attacking and warning President Obama not to invade Iran or align the US with Israel.  He went as far as calling leader Khadafi a brother who was wrongly murdered. He seems to be regaining his Muslim swagger as he throws dagger after dagger at the Obama administration. Perhaps he realizes we have a President without a Spiritual compass? I would answer that question with — President Obama has a Spiritual compass and it is obvious what Spiritual agenda he is following. If you are reading this post Minister Farrakhan . . . you are the resistance.

Farrakhan on Alex Jones, Pres. Obama, & America’s Corrupt Policies

In closing Minister Farrakhan is a Spiritual leader of his own flock and even he can get it wrong. Calling President Obama “The Messiah” is one of biggest mistakes of his ministry but he does correct himself. President Obama is never and I repeat never going to do anything substantial for Black America. If you think Obama phones were reparations please unsubscribe to this magazine and do not touch me, you will make me dirty. President Obama has said I am not the President of Black America but all America. The difference is for over 229 years other Presidents have lined the pockets of the elite and Black people that is not you! Your President rebuked your “blackness” will not discuss reparations and does not care about the Black/Latino dismal graduation rates. Now there is change you can believe in!

Furthermore, we as a people need to stop leaning on other people’s understanding nor our own. We should become students of the Bible and other Holy writings to gain our own Spiritual discernment. We have our own Kingdom within, to access all the answers we need. As you can see the men of this Earth are flawed but the Holy Spirit is perfect. How to access the Holy Spirit is the real question because with it we are greater than all the Kingdoms on this Earth. Thanks for coming back to reality Minister Farrakhan and stop supporting President Obama just because you had a “loves-jones” for his skin tone.

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