The Last Pope: Sex, Lies and Kiddie Tapes?

The Last Pope: Sex, Lies and Kiddie Tapes?

Saint Malachy was a 12th century Irish monk, who, while on a visit to Rome had a vision (in 1139) of all the popes who would ever reign.  In this vision, he witnessed a series of Latin phrases illustrating the names in order of the Popes. He described each Pope using epigrammatic verse, for example “De Medietate Lanae,” which translates to “Of the Half Moon” to describe John Paul I, who was elected Pope on August 26, 1978, when there was a half moon!

A Look at the St. Malachy prophecy about the last Pope

Mysteriously this documented vision of his disappeared within the Vatican and was not recovered until 1595 AD after 400 years of being hidden from the public. Malachy accurately predicted the place and time of his own death: Clairvaux, France, on All Souls Day, November 2, 1148! St. Malachy displayed many Supernatural abilities because of his practice of the teachings of the Prophets and Jesus Christ.  Seeing St. Malachy in Church would be like attending a Chris Angel show because brothers and sisters, this man could levitate, at will!

Imagine seeing St. Malachy doing this during a church service.

Let’s take a look at the last Pope added to the “Prophecy of Popes” and some say this was not added by St. Malachy at all in the original manuscript. The 112 will be called “Peter the Roman” and prophecy states as follows:

“In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will reign Petrus Romanus, who will feed his flock amid many tribulations; after which the seven-hilled city will be destroyed and the dreadful Judge will judge the people. The End.”  The last pope may just cut Catholics loose from unity and the papacy, causing total disruption and confusion.

Perhaps, this last Pope was added to alter prophecy into a new course of history? All of this is rather confusing because it is also said the prophecy of the fleeing pope would not apply to the Glory of the Olive, who is Benedict XVI but we are seeing Pope Benedict fleeing his office. The first Pope to do this in 600 years!  One aspect in agreement of all of the prophecies is Vatican city will be destroyed and “they” will flee from Rome.

Will Rome finally be attacked let’s look at the timelines of prophecy

Does this mean a physical destruction or a political destruction is the question?  Will there be evidence of a global child-sex trafficking ring uncovered? No one on Earth would be surprised if this exactly how the Vatican has been operating (behind closed doors) based on the plethora of child sex cover-ups and settlements.  Even the Popes have participated in the child-sex activity cover ups as well.  Most likely the real reason Pope Benedict is stepping down is to legally maneuver out of the legal cross hairs.

We can even consider the third secret of Fatima (prophecy) is now widely acknowledged to be in two forms, and the major thrust of the third declaration was that a pope would be killed by soldiers, among many of his priests. This lends credence to the scenario of a physical invasion of Vatican City where many people will die. Will the world really mourn the most powerful child sex ring in the world? That all depends on how CNN, Fox News, and the Huffington Post spins it!

In closing, it appears prophecy is racing to be fulfilled in the world. The Pope leaving office before his death is a major sign. This guy was 85 years old, hell 80 is the new dead! He could not have lasted that much longer anyway! Now we have a new Pope prophesied to be the last Pope. While President Obama is traipsing around Israel (ushering in a false peace) and arriving in Jerusalem mimicking the life of Jesus. Something smells like spoiled shell fish and you can’t mask a putrid stench with cologne. We can bank on this prophecy being fulfilled so what happens when the Vatican is destroyed? The real question is what will emerge from its ashes?

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