Drone Proof Your Mondays!

Drone Proof Your Mondays!

Eric Holder, Jr. the Attorney General of the United States believes the U.S. could technically use military force to kill an American on U.S. soil in an extraordinary circumstance but has “no intention” of doing so. Of course the blog-sphere has gone bananas because “intentions” are subject to change. There are other “red-flags”, like there needs to be no trial just “suspicion”, and murder is justified!

Eric Holder admits killing Americans with drones on U.S. soil is unconstitutional.

The next issue and equally troubling is the drone kill track record. For every one “suspected terrorist” the drone kills 50 innocent people are killed. Hardly, a surgical strike but a spam strike of a grid without regard for casualties. Why is filling the U.S. airspace with drones even entertained by President Obama?

This a sad time for America because the lines between “domestic terrorism” and “domestic freedoms” have been blurred. Furthermore, the collective conscious of dissatisfaction seems unattainable because “we-the-people” are fast asleep to the arrest of our civil liberties. You ever notice if you bring something of great significance to light the programmed response is “stop judging.” Well folks, we are living in a time when you could be targeted for termination like Sara Connor in “The Terminator.”

Brennan Blueprint: US drones people for what they haven’t done?

We have other drone issues to consider like what about erroneous identification of a person? Everyone has a doppelgänger out there and one day because you resemble a “suspected terrorist” you get turned into a bucket of shark chum. Or what if the drone is running Windows Vista? We are all dead. You get the point because it is software there are always inherent problems.

Hopefully, the next wave of info-commercials will include what I am about to share with you — counter-measures! Drones use a combination of a front-facing camera with thermal facial recognition software and GPS or laser guided missiles. The good news is there are obtainable counter-measures for 2 out of the 3 drone attack features.

The first phase of the countermeasure and the most important is to stay off camera. There is a designer in New York who has invented a solution for this exact problem. His name is Adam Harvey and he developed drone stealth clothing in partnership with Johanna Bloomfield. They have a metalic-esque (Little Red Riding Hood) fabric which conceals heat like when Arnold Schwarzenegger covered himself in mud to avoid detection in “The Predator.”

Drone-Proof Fashion: How to become stealthy to surveillance?

It might work as a countermeasure against the laser guided missile as well but I would hate to be the test monkey to prove this. Obvious by the designs on his website the immediate target market is The Middle East. Now because of Eric Holder’s quip on potential drone attacks on American citizens, the U.S. is the next emerging market for the stealth-drone clothes.

The second counter-measure is to stay off the Global Position System (GPS) domain. Now Adam Harvey has a nice little bag to carry your cell phone. It shields it from the GPS and basically makes your cell phone invisible while in the carrying bag. Next there is a solution to hide your entire car from the drone’s GPS. There are different solutions on the market to achieve this and they are called GPS Jammers.

One is inserted into your cigarette lighter and it creates a “bubble” around your vehicle making it undetectable to drone GPS. Lastly, there is a portable GPS Jammer solution you can carry in your pocket and creates the “bubble” around you. You will not be able to use your cell phone while this technology is operating.

This is the cigarette lighter powered vehicle GPS Jammer

As you can see for every measure there is a counter measure. Although both of these countermeasure are good the drone laser is still an issue. We sure could use an i-Phone/Android app for this! There are metallic paint applications for the vehicle which will reflect a laser beam but even this needs testing and evaluation. One thing is for sure you can walk a little safer with the above-mentioned solutions, you just need to make sure you choose your friends wisely.

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