Extreme Weather, Earth Changes, and Prophecy

Extreme Weather, Earth Changes, and Prophecy

It seems mainstream media is quite irresponsibly negligent on reporting extreme world weather and mass animal deaths. If 2012 ended without a whimper then 2013 started out with a bang. A great YouTube channel to tune into is Fidockave213. This channel is like an extreme weather aggregator and you will realize how the Earth is undergoing extreme change.  Some will say the Earth has always had extreme Earth change events like this, and they would be right.

Compilation of extreme weather from February 2013

The difference is the magnitude and frequency of the extreme weather is record setting and growing. The media does not raise house-hold awareness and only they know the reason for this. Those who are educated on Biblical prophecy know to look for extreme weather as one of the many signs before the Second Coming. Even the Book of Enoch which is included in the Ethiopian Coptic Bible speaks of extreme weather in the days before judgement.

Compilation of extreme weather from January 2013

Watch the videos and you will see many dormant volcanoes are activating across the Earth. Some of them have been dormant for hundreds of years and many are activating simultaneously.  There extreme snow storms in places never before seen like Southern California and record floods occurring as well. Last year alone set a tornado record! Now we have to throw in the screaming meteors spanning across the globe as well.

According to prophecy all of this extreme weather activity is going to culminate it the greatest earthquake ever experienced by the entire Earth! What we are seeing now is what the Bible calls “birth pangs”  and they precede the final judgement on the Earth. According to prophecy there are some troubling times ahead for the Earth which include 1/3 of the trees and water supply being destroyed. Plans should be made to deal with this oncoming doom.

Understanding how a Corona Mass Ejection (CME) could harm the Earth

It seems like the Rockefeller family and Bill Gates have taken preemptive measures to deal with this scenario. They partnered to build a seed vault into the side of a mountain. Every type of seed on planet is stored there in a very high-tech setting. The question is how will it be distribute to the people? Or will it even be distributed to the people?

Learn about the “Seed Vault” and how it operates

As you can see we are in the throes of global Earth changes and extreme weather. The Bible clearly states what to expect and we are witnessing it — if you are seeking to find it. The U.S. media is woefully negligent on providing a comprehensive view of extreme global weather.  Why did the Rockefeller and Gates families feel it was even necessary to create a seed vault? The elite families certainly know how to cover their bases!

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