Katt Williams Acknowledges The Spiritual War

Katt Williams Acknowledges The Spiritual War

Katt Williams has been the poster child for media bashing and catching an arrest every full moon cycle. You began to wonder how a man could get arrested so much and never get time. The media tried to paint a picture of him as unstable as nitroglycerin on a bumpy truck ride. Yet, he is alive and well, with a key role in “Scary Move 5.” 

Scary Move 5 movie trailer

Katt was extremely vocal against the Illuminati which to me should be confusing to everyone because the Illuminati consisted of the wealthiest families who joined through the Freemasons in the 18th century, according to historians. Everyone is not welcome into the Illuminati like it is the “Boys and Girls Club.” Bohemian Grove would be a closer example of the true potential members of the Illuminati because it is a ‘Who’s Who’ of the global elite. These are white men of families who have been wealthy since the 16th century including the Rothschild family.

Katt Williams on black comedians wearing a dress, Illuminati, and his faith

There is an evolved Hollywood and record industry infrastructure which appears to recruit, mold and perpetuate an antichrist agenda. None of these low level artist including the richest have the intellectual acumen to run the Illuminati. Do you really think a woman like Beyonce would be concocting global schemes for wealthy white European families? A woman without a GED? Or her husband Jay-Z a former crack dealer would have the intellectual capacity to run a global investment bank?

I submit to you it is the people around them who are the orchestrators of their success. You never really hear who exactly these people are do you? Also, Beyonce and Jay Z both had their major competition die to clear their path to unfettered success. Biggie and Tupac, arguably the greatest rappers of all time were killed. While Beyonce had the road to success cleared with the death of Aliyah. I am not saying they did it, what I am saying is — what fortunate circumstances to have their competition who were in fact out performing them…die.

With that being said, let’s get back to Katt Williams. He has clearly been a media punching bag for some time and most likely a target of law enforcement. I am not saying he  made good choices with his reactions nor the company he kept including Suge Knight. No offense Suge but you would make sharks nervous if you jumped in the ocean! Katt was clearly too vocal in his criticism of the corrupt industry itself.  Never bite the hand that feeds you.

The record and movie industry is not run by Christians or Muslims and there is a lifestyle (replete with gay sex and drugs) which is never to be spoken of because there are consequences. Let’s face it homosexuality has been part of the movie business since the beginning, it was just hidden, Carry Grant was the perfect example.

What was hidden in the past has now come out of the closet and it will kill not to go back. Have you noticed there is a multi-media campaign influencing hearts and minds to support antichrist teachings. This is no accident because this is part of a plan. Katt Williams did not understand his role in the hierarchy of entertainment which is no Jesus. Yes, Katt has been promoting his Faith through the vehicle of comedy. This is the most dangerous vehicle because it makes the heart smile. It changes hearts of those who laugh!

Katt recognizes we are in a spiritual war and you will be target and attacked if you come out of the closet. Ironic is it not? This is the time of the persecution of beliefs. If you accept the spiritual laws of Christ and promote them in Hollywood, you will be turned into Sara Connor from the “Terminator.” Even industry music honcho Clive Davis has finally admitted he has loving relationships with men. Perhaps, the rumors are true of the Black music elite who laid with him to blow up like Church’s Chicken.

Katt Williams appears to be in a place of peace and acceptance of his role in this spiritual war. He just must change up his tactics because he was about to end up with his picture on a milk carton. How refreshing is it to see Katt stand up for his beliefs weather the storm and become a bit stronger now? Priceless.

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