Do It Yourself Mosquito Trap

Do It Yourself Mosquito Trap

This summer those who are squeamish about mosquitoes will need to brace themselves because the behemoth of the mosquito world has been awakened. If you live near marshy environments or flood plains prepare to get sucked on Jurassic style. The Gallinipper class of mosquito is roughly (prior to filling up) the size of a quarter. Did you just say, damn! Yes, that was my reaction as well. Unfortunately, if you live in Florida this will be your reality.

“It can feel like a small bird has landed on you.”

This particular mosquito is twenty times the size of other mosquitoes and it is aggressive. Like a moth to a flame burned by desire this mosquito drinks deep and stings. The silver lining in this story is the Galliniper is not known to spread disease like the much feared “West Nile” virus. They attack anything of size from humans to animals to fish. These mosquitoes are not to be underestimated and measures should be taken to repel them. Do not roll up to the family picnic without a premium bug repellenent.

Florida’s Indian River County, mosquito director shared these type of mosquitoes make their presence known because they are so big and clumsy, compared to the normal ninja-esque mosquitoes. Measures need to be taken to protect yourself if you live in Florida and just from mosquitoes in general. Because some mosquitoes carry disease and are just ornery!

Below is a fun project and great use of old plastic soda bottles which can serve as ingenious traps for mosquitoes. I really like this because you can include your kids in this project and cut down on these vampire nuisance. It is really easy to do and all you need is some brown sugar and yeast. I do not mean Denzel Washington but real brown sugar! Just bring one cup of water to boil,   let cool (while hot) then,  mix in the brown sugar and add the yeast.

You can see how easy it is to make and make sure you use electrical tape because mosquitoes are attracted to black! Place them in areas away from people. Let’s us know how the mosquito death toll was for you this summer!

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