Days of Noah:Jashar, Humans, Animals and Genes

Days of Noah:Jashar, Humans, Animals and Genes

Over the history of the Bible ecumenical committees culled many Scriptures from the Bible. Under great controversy these books were deemed “false” even though the holy person(s) are still mentioned in the Bible today.   Although the Book of Enoch was removed from most of the American Bible’s —  it is canonized in the Ethiopian Coptic Bible. The Book of Jashar is another book which was excluded from today’s Bible.

2 Samuel 1:18

and he commanded that it be taught to the people of Judah. It is known as the Song of the Bow, and it is recorded in [The Book of Jashar.]

In it you will find it supports the Scripture in the Bible in greater detail and also presents testimony of hybrid human and animal gene spliced monstrosities. It is clearly an ancient reflection of what modern science is pursuing with great fervor. What the mainstream media leaks to the general public are medical applications like growing a human ear on a mouse’s back. Of course there is most likely a dark side to this science and we can rest assured human animal hybrids exist today.

Joshua 10: 13

So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day.

The Bible certainly appears to rely on the autneticity of The Book of Jashar as if it is an authority! It also holds eye witness accounts of monsters with human bodies having a bears head. The minotaurs of ancient Greece where more a reality than myth. We are seeing more and more perversions against natural laws from man mirroring the ancient times. The question is — What is the need to create human/animal creatures? Because there must be a need to recreate what was once destroyed.

In those days, the children of humans selected herd animals from the land, and wild animals from the outback, and birds of the air, and they practiced mixing different species of animals with each other

– Book of Jasher

You would have to admit, it is very suspicious to have all of the books of the Bible removed, which explain the Fallen Angels in greatest detail including their sciences and applications, therein. Again, another missing book inundates us with witness testimony of gene spliced animals used for nefarious purposes. Jesus said it will be like the “Days of Noah” before His return and Jashar clearly proves these days have returned.

Gene manipulation is in your diet today and you need only study Monsanto and genetically modified organisms in our food. The laws in other countries are less stringently opposed to genetic manipulation of animal DNA.  There is a rumor, Dr. Daiki Ikaki of Kyoto University (Japan), successfully cloned a real, actual woolly mammoth. The parameters on bringing the animals of the past into our reality is very loose.

One day these hybrids may walk amongst us and might even have rights! We need only look to gay marriage in American. Prior to 1970, homosexuality was defined as a mental disorder. It was stated, where a man did not want a woman but a man who acts like a woman. Today this is clearly not the case.

What world will our grandchildren be a part of? According to the Bible and the missing books of the Bible it will be a world with homosexuality, human/animal hybrids,  fallen angels and a dismissal of God Himself.  Looks like we are firmly down this road. Who said reality is not way better than cable TV?

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