Why Jews Push Gay Marriage

Why Jews Push Gay Marriage

Another hectic morning getting lunches packed and  my three sons off to school. I stopped by my local Cosi’s to purchase strawberry oatmeal for my wife and two coffees with no sugar. When I got home as usual I check the global news networks and then YouTube to see what is jumping off in the world. Today I discovered a quirky YouTube producer who goes by the name Brother Nathanael Kapner. He dresses in traditional garb of Eastern Orthodox Christians and his rhetoric is far from Jewish.

He claims to be a street evangelist who grew up as a Jew but is now an Orthodox Christian.  His sole motive is to warn how the Jewish agenda is destroying Christianity throughout the world. My first inclination watching was shock at the fact he looks like a Jewish rabbi yet he speaks against the Jewish alleged agenda.  He builds a compelling case through accusations supplemented with evidentiary  facts.

It is certainly surreal to witness this Jewish man expose the Jewish agenda with a library of YouTube videos. He is obviously making a mark with over 23,000 followers and over 6,142,740 views! There does appear to be many Jewish leaders advocating gay marriage and endorsement from President Obama himself; who has more than one homosexual accusations of his past. Is this why, he he converted to a staunch advocate of gay marriage? 

It can not hurt to peruse through the videos of Brother Nathanael because they are not too long and he builds a strong case in each one of them.  Especially the gay marriage agenda. What are your thoughts on this?

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Michael Erevna

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