Zimmerman Walks: National Racial Tension Explosion?

Zimmerman Walks: National Racial Tension Explosion?

George Zimmerman’s trial is now in the closing arguments of a very spirited and meticulous defense team. The prosecutions case was flimsy from the start based on circumstantial evidence and the inability to reiterate the fact Zimmerman is a liar. He hoodwinked the court system by hiding the fact there was over $100k in a secret account. He was under oath at the time yet the prosecution did not make this a reoccurring theme — that he is a liar.

Now the defense has paraded “friends” of Zimmerman on the witness stand, who support him 100% and even claim his voice is screaming help on the 911 tape. A forensic pathologist, Dr. Vincent DiMaio, testified that Trayvon was in fact on top of Zimmerman when he was shot in the heart. This is the final nail in the coffin of the prosecution.

“The trial is not over,” said David Weinstein, a former prosecutor and Miami-area defense attorney who is not involved in the case. “However, from where things stand right now, a conviction does not appear likely.”

Now the question is what happens after Zimmerman walks out of court a free man? Most people believe he had no business stalking Trayvon after he was instructed not to by the 911 operator. In the testimony, he never identified himself as the “neighborhood watchman” and basically was stranger with concealed weapon running up on Trayvon. Human nature dictates if a stranger runs up on you after you realize you are being followed will make anyone skittish and defend themselves.

I probably would have defended myself as well and ended up shot. Something is very wrong with the “Stand Your Ground” law where a person can be stalked and then killed defending themselves. Trayvon, being armed with an ice tea and skittles makes this whole case even worse. Sadly, racial tensions are going to escalate and most likely erupt into a national tragedy. The Sanford police department is coordinating efforts with law enforcement to plan for this contingency.

The problem is, this case has received national attention and there is the strong possibility this will be a national problem. The city of Chicago does not need an excuse to kill — now they will have one. Racism is a serious mental disease which is fueled by hatred and people who suffer with it have lower IQs. This means there are going to be a lot of dumb people out for revenge. When the jury verdict comes out lay low and stay home. Treat this like a winter storm warning and stock up on supplies so you can stay out of harms way.

In closing, George Zimmerman’s life will never be the same. He will have to change his identity and should probably get a sex change to throw people off. He would be a horrible looking woman but at least he will live. Seriously, he will always have to look over his shoulder like the gun slinging legends in the wild wild west. Someone will always be gunnin’ for him. This should be a lesson for all parents of black children in Sanford, Florida — protect your children at all cost because sometimes buying ice tea and skittles in the early evening can lead to death.

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