Jay Z (T-Shirt): Devil Carrying Jesus?

Jay Z (T-Shirt): Devil Carrying Jesus?

I am trying to get a good view of the t-shirt in question Jay-Z is wearing and I am not really sure what is happening. It appears Jesus is being lifted from the cross by a black man draped in a crimson robe. That is the color associated with Satan while purple is associated with Jesus.  Based on Jay Z’s track record of wearing t-shirts related to Jesus —  it is not looking good. Back in 2010 Jay Z wore a t-shirt depicting Jesus looking rather devilish.

3:19 into the video and hear Jay Z state he has never read the Bible

If Jay Z admittedly has never read the Bible how does he associate with Jesus? How come he distorts the image of Jesus? Is his latest t-shirt another attack on Jesus? According to a recording from Nas titled “Ether”, Jay Z is a bi-sexual who targets men in the industry for sex. Naz even claims in his song Ether to Jay Z, “You rock fellas.”

There is an attack on the Word in the Bible and Jay Z appears to be the emissary to the Hip Hop culture. He clearly has no respect for the Bible because he does not know the Bible. I am not sure what this t-shirt is showing, because all of the bling in the way but if I was betting man, I would say — this is not good. What do you think?

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Update 8/3/2013 11:24 pm The image on the t-shirt is actually “Deposition from the Cross” by, Caravaggio. It is said those in the occult wear the images of Jesus Christ to mock him. Because they worship Satan in the dark they mock Jesus in the light.

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