Jay Z, Picasso Baby, and a Pagan Deity?

Jay Z, Picasso Baby, and a Pagan Deity?

I watched Jay Z on the Bill Maher Show this weekend carefully observing his words and body language. Jay Z appeared affable and well received by Bill Maher. He was invited to the show to address black-on-black crime and his views on the solutions. As a former resident from the projects to millionaire status, he would provide an interesting perspective.

DMC of the legendary Run-DMC shared his thoughts on the current state of hip-hop. He told Allhiphop.com, “Lil Wayne and Jay-Z ain’t hot, it’s just they’re programmed so many times people are brainwashed . . . “It was inevitable that Hip Hop became commercialized but along the way our power got taken away . . . Now you got the same 12 records on radio being played over and over again.”

101.9 KISS FM

Bill Maher, immediately focused all of his attention on Jay Z and showered him with accolades as some type of hip hop royalty. I immediately noticed Jay Z’s contrived manner of speaking and in my opinion it is a forced personality. It was reminiscent of Tarzan dressed in a tuxedo attempting to blend in with aristocracy. He matter of factually used words out of context like when he used the word blasphemous — without being checked by Bill Maher.

Jay Z was explaining in order to be great you have believe you are great and if you compare yourself to Picasso then you are blasphemous. The word “blasphemous” is only used to describe an irreverence toward something holy — like God and not a painter!  Then Jay Z later states “there is no middle class” and this is oppression. Well, I have news for you Jay Z there is a middle class and we are not living in medieval times. Then he segues into how public housing is “supposed” to be a temporary solution until you get on your feet.

Jay Z is so out of touch because the high school drop out rate for black males in the city is over 50%! The welfare system is designed to breakup the nuclear family and education statistics for blacks are dismal. How does Jay Z surmise project living will be temporary with these facts? What I witnessed was a contrived pseudo intellect masked by a great accumulation of wealth by occult means.

Don’t believe me? Directly following the Bill Maher Show was Jay Z’s “Picasso Baby” a “performance-art video short. Before we move into that, one more out-of-context word moment from Jay Z, was in the Picasso monologue when Jay Z said, “from artist to bourgeois.” The way he rattled his hands off like he was dropping science was hilarious! Let’s take a look at what this pseudo intellect stated as he transitioned from artist to bourgeois.


1 : of, relating to, or characteristic of the social middle class
2 : marked by a concern for material interests and respectability and a tendency toward mediocrity
3 : dominated by commercial and industrial interests

Another moment where he appears pompous waving his hands around like he is some revered philosopher, as he frequently uses words out of context.  As if money suddenly ratcheted up your intellectual IQ points. Professional boxers are the perfect example of this, think I am wrong? Have you ever heard Leon Spinks or Larry Holmes speak?

Now back to to the esoteric. There is always an occult symbol in all of Jay Z’s performances. It is almost like “they” must share the stage with Jay Z — perhaps it is part of the arrangement? Art is a wonderful cover for “Do what thou whilt” because you can not be persecuted for your art — unless you live in the Middle East. If you insult Mohammed publicly in the Middle East, within minutes a crowd will be playing soccer with your head. Only in America can you diss Jesus, support the occult, and be paid for it!

The dancing polka dot cow in the Picasso Baby video

So what was the representation of the pagan deity in “Picasso Baby” produced by Jay Z?   If you missed it, the deity is called Molech. This “god” Molech can be found in the Old Testament and followers would sacrifice children to this deity usually by burning them to death.

Leviticus 18:21:

“And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Moloch”

The dancing cow in the video represents Molech and the polka dot smock has a specific purpose. Polka dots are a visual interpretation of duality – a term that discusses the awareness of opposites relating to each other e.g. good and evil, physical and spiritual, fire and water, etc. The usage of duality reveals the knowledge of using both opposites in order to achieve the goal.

I am sure the cow will be explained away as just art but if you have been following Jay Z’s track record with occult linked symbols you should know better. Honestly, I am not sure what Jay Z is doing is even considered art. In my opinion, Dr. Seuss is the original and greatest underrated rapper ever!

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