Google EDITS Pentagram of Kazakhstan!

Google EDITS Pentagram of Kazakhstan!

Soon after the blog-sphere indited Google Earth for capturing an aerial view of a pentagram in Kazakhstan — the media then Google blinked!  Yahoo News soon after published a fluff-piece on popular alternative pagan religions of Kazakhstan while ridiculing those researchers who cried “Satanism.” At the time of the story Google Earth still had drill-down markers which stated: Adam, Lucifer, and the Devils Seal 81694 BC.

It certainly doesn’t help that, upon zooming into the center of the pentagram, viewers will see two places highlighted by previous visitors to Google Maps: One spot is called Adam, the other, Lucifer — a name often linked to Satan.

By Marc Lallanilla, Assistant Editor August 3, 2013

Above is a quote from the writer of the Yahoo article and can you even begin to believe he said, “Lucifer – a name often linked to Satan.” Now all this time I thought the name Lucifer was often linked to Lebron James! Thanks for clearing that one up (Wohoo for Yahoo) Marc Lallanilla! Ironically Marc never mentions the “Devil’s Seal 81694 BC” in his thought provoking smoke screen piece.

Why the hell not? Because it explains why in the first place the pentagram was linked to the Devil and it contradicts his statement: “The pentagram is an ancient symbol used by many (non-Satanic) cultures and religious groups.” If he would have added the “Devil’s Seal” to his story his whole piece would be moot.

Anyway do not pay this guy any mind because he is obviously doing what he is told to do. Let’s delve into the Google reaction to the controversy. One of our readers alerted us to name changes to the markers to: “devil’s camp”, “human flesh bbq” and “principal principality.”

Now, the same google map location in Kazakhstan show “devil’s camp”, “human flesh bbq” and “principal principality”. I have a feeling somebody at google is playing the fool.

It did not end there! Next Google alters the shape of the pentagram by slightly bending one of the angles, like a dorsal fin of a confined killer whale. Then they highlighted this bend and removed all markers from the image! If it really did not matter like the opinion of Marc Lallanilla why report on it and why change the original shape of it? I am not buying any of it. You can change the dressings of a chicken but at the end of the day it is still a chicken!


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