9/11: Children Chant and Planes Hit Buildings!

9/11: Children Chant and Planes Hit Buildings!

Many people are quick to scoff at researchers who identified 9/11 as inside job but it might be more inside than they know. This video was produced many years ago and it did not go viral — and it should have. Most of us learn how bits and pieces of how the occult works through movies. Stars and planets must be aligned and words must be spoken at exactly the right time for an occult spell to be effective. You will see this was the case for 9/11.

While ardent researchers identified inconsistencies exploited in the media and literal smoking guns like thermite still smoldering weeks after the three buildings collapsed. Yes, three —  remember Building 7 fell into its own footprint because of “collateral damage?” There is plenty of other research out that does a fine job of presenting all of the anomalies and inconsistencies of the “Official 9/11 Report.”

Fast forward to 2:44 into the video to see the ritual

The occult side of the post 9/11 equation are the least known amongst the common folk. What are the chances a classroom of children would be chanting “plane must hit steel?” This is exactly what happened and when (Skull and Bones member) President Bush was alerted America was under attack — he had to wait for the ritual to complete before leaving. If you were to ask the average household in America about this strange synchronicity, they would not be aware of these facts.

Micah 5:12

I will destroy your witchcraft and you will no longer cast spells.

His behavior is a clear reflection of the power and rules of the ritual. It was paramount these words were spoken before the planes hit and for the ritual complete. We are now experiencing the results of this unforgettable public ritual and the fact innocent people were not the only casualty of the occult planned day but also freedom. No one can argue with the strange coincidence of the children’s chant nor the fact it synchronized with planes hitting steel. 

If you still do not recognize, we are dealing with spiritual forces we can only judge by their fruit, then maybe you will consider it now. Meaning the occult result is always something dark leading to death. Why don’t we see an occult ritual and then a health care clinic is opened? It is always about control because 9/11 was about death, global control, and most likely the opening of a gateway into this world. You have to admit it has been downhill ever since.

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