Ancient Symbols, Logos, and CONTROL

Ancient Symbols, Logos, and CONTROL

Why do so many corporations basically use the same symbols as their logos? You would think man’s creativity would supersede duplication; but it does not and this shows a pattern of intention. Most researchers see symbols and ramble on about dualities and secret meanings but these symbols are something more. Is the true purpose of symbols to show something to us or do something to us?

Is it possible the ancient design acts as a transmitter of a very subtle energy? The Book of Enoch stated the fallen angels taught the men (who worshiped them) all the secrets of the universe. We must accept this is more than a possibility since corporations constantly use variations of the same symbol. They obvious have a purpose and that is to effect those who gaze upon them.

What is the effect they have on those who observe them? Is it acquiescence to the product or the service? Maybe, but this is an ancient symbol. Is it a genetic response only those who witnessed our creation would know about? We are dealing with a science here some might call magic but good vs. evil is a matter of perception. Ask the loser of a war that question.

“Geometry is frozen music”


So you see this symbols are in fact geometric. Most of the time they are triangles and circles — emitting a subtle vibration. Scientist have now proven frequency can reprogram DNA. I am not suggesting the symbols are changing our DNA but maybe influencing it — keeping it in a controlled state. The average American watches 136 hours of television a month and 52 hours on the Internet.

We are constantly bombarded with these symbols consciously and subconsciously while observing these aforementioned medias. These symbols have been carefully placed in television shows and movies just so we can see them. There is careful thought and definitely intention by those who place symbols before us. We must always interface with them in order to be controlled by them.

The one-eye symbol is ubiquitous throughout the entertainment industry and it is also on the south pole of Saturn. Yes, captured by the Cassini satellite is a gigantic storm formed in the shape of an eye. Everything in the universe is connected and energy courses through these connections. We must understand the macro to decipher the micro. If Masonic builds like the White House and the Washington Monument were built to interface with stars and planets can not these symbols participate in a similar relationship?

5,000-mile-wide (eye) hurricane swirls at Saturn’s south pole.


In closing, ancient symbols constantly participated in civilization without fail. The swastika is an ancient symbol that has been used for over 3,000 years yet most people think the Germans were the first to use it. The pyramid and the all-seeing-eye are also ancient yet major corporations have adopted them in great numbers. We are being influenced by an ancient science and we are at the mercy of secret intentions. These ancient symbols were important enough to keep deeply engrained in modern civilization. Amulets and runes of the ancient past were used to invoke spiritual entities and these symbols might be utilized — to hold sway over the masses? You must admit to see ancient symbols used by so many corporations is uncanny.

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