BBC and Kerry on Syria: Pants On FIRE!

BBC and Kerry on Syria: Pants On FIRE!

The American people must be careful not to fall into the same hypnotic trance of taking the bait of so-called evidence from the Government. We were told there was irrefutable evidence Iraq was in possession of weapons of mass destruction (prior to the invasion) but in the end all they found was ammunition depots and high tech donkey bombs. We are being sold the same questionable rhetoric from John Kerry and his claim it is based on “good” intelligence sources.  Russia and China oppose the US in Syria. Farrakhan calls Kerry a liar.

According to photographer Marco Di Lauro we now know the image referenced in John Kerry’s speech was not taken in Syria but Iraq over a decade ago! (Oh the irony the picture represents!) Are we again being spoon fed false facts, when vetted in the future, are all based on false premises? Syria has denied using any chemical weapons and many other UN members have voted not to rush into a military assault on Syria.


“I was surprised to see my image, which was captured in Iraq in 2003, used by the BBC in their recent article around the Syria massacre in Houla. It was reported that the image was captured and sent in by an activist; however this is not the case. I took the image in 2003, when working on a story titled Iraq, the Aftermath of Saddam, which can be viewed on my website.”

On the reaction of photographer Marco Di Lauro

There appears to be a need to possibly fabricate a reason to inflame the Middle East with a war. Behind Israel we have the US and the rest of Arab nations are backed by
Russia and China. I am not so sure President Obama has the same mettle as President Putin. I watched a brief encounter he had with Putin and he certainly appeared uncomfortable and dare I say weaker? It appears to me there is a Biblical script being followed and America must be in the “War of the Superpowers” (on ancient holy grounds) or also known as World War III.

Fast forward to 3:40 seconds to see Obama reactions to Putin

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It certainly appears President Putin has done more to advance the tenets of Christianity than President Obama. If you compare the accomplishments of both men you will see an impressive track record of honoring the Most High by Putin. At least this is how President Putin is viewed in this analysis. You would agree that President Obama appears very uncomfortable in President Putin’s presence. Whatever the case, we must be sure not give the Government the green-light to kill. “Nothing good will ever come from violence” — Martin Luther King.

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