The New Age is SATANISM

The New Age is SATANISM

A rock concert promoted as “Rock in Rio”on September 19, 2013 showcased the depth of satanism as the crowd chanted,”Come together, Come together as one, come together, for Lucifer’s son.” No longer does satanism need to be hidden in an “Eyes Wide Shut” manner because global entertainers have cohesively promoted ancient satanic symbols into popular culture. We should not be surprised at all because this time was prophesied in the Bible.

For the life of me I can figure out why anyone would worship and join forces with the loser in a story. Why anyone would follow an ancient  liar and one who got literally got beat down from the Third Heaven. Now he is here masquerading as an angel of light and making love to men and women who join him. There is such a satanic unity in entertainment and it has brainwashed the masses. Just take a look at the “Rock in Rio” concert and you will see the no talent group “Ghost.” They rely on theatrics, costumes, and makeup to entertain the crowd in lieu of poor vocal skills.

Revelation 9:21

Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic arts, their sexual immorality or their thefts.

The spell of satanism has mesmerized the crowd and they are not just willing followers but recruiters for waves of new recruits. The drug culture and the dark arts have allowed satanism to flourish in plain view. The targeting begins from the womb and progressively matures into Disney and Nickelodeon. Every Disney star gains a following from pre-teens and when they reach their twenties they promote sexual debauchery. We need only to review the careers of Brittany Spears, Christina Alguilera, Miley Cyrus and now Selena Gomez.

In summary we should not be shocked entertainers have been used to usher in satanism. Their star power is never questioned because people accept them regardless of their true nature.  There was a scene in the movie “Blow” with Johnnie Depp where he told the drug cartels to get the actors to snort the blow and the rest of the people will follow. He could not have been more right. We are in the “New Age” now if you have not noticed and it is the “Age of Satanism.”

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Michael Erevna

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