Mayan Calendar, 2013, and Fallen Angels

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My head is ready to explode every time I hear someone say, “The Mayans were wrong the world did not end.” First, the Mayans never said it was the end of the world in any of their translations. This erroneous statement was perpetuated by the media and the woeful movie 2012.  The Mayans said it is the beginning of a new age and there would be themes to this new age. 

Let’s take a look of the accurate 2012 themes the Mayan’s predicted for our time:

  1. A time of great global social change
  2. A time of great earth changes
  3. A shift in human consciousness
  4. The return of the gods

We can all agree all of these themes have happened and I submit to you the fourth theme, “the return of the gods” is happening right now. The caveat is they are no gods but really fallen angels. They are prophesied to return in the Bible under the scripture of, “It will be like the days of Noah.” The only distinction between the day of Noah and now is the fallen angels are not in plain view.

Luke 17: 26

“And just as it happened in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man”

As you can see this is changing and people are witnessing more fallen ones every month. The December 21, 2012 was not about an ending but the beginning of the return of the gods. Could 2013 be the year “they” actually land and come out of their interdimensional closets? The global population is conditioned in these UFO sightings and understand there is something else to them. Many people would like to believe they are UFOs but most people ignore their ancient history as — fallen beings.

There are continuous debates regarding what time we are really in now. Because of the transitioning to the Gregorian calendar, it is argued time is off. I am not one to debate the exact time because according to the prophetic books of the Bible we can mark time by what signs are fulfilled. There are many key signs yet to be fulfilled and World War III will coalesce into the Second Coming but first there must be a great earthquake — including the fall of America. 

With the advent of social media these UFO sightings can easily be shared with the world and I am sure that is the true intention. By showing themselves without violence offers a peaceful intention. We can assume these advanced beings could easily land capture many of us and store us like a bucket of chicken. This clearly is not the case — it is merely a case of “show” and not tell. The Mayans told us it will be the return of what they called the gods but to those of us in the spiritual know — know

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Michael Erevna is a writer, inventor, solutions architect and independent researcher
of: ancient civilizations, spirituality, mysticism, and Biblical teachings.

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  • Hi Michael, I chatted with a buddy back in Nov. 2012 about the Mayan calendar and the end of the world. And I told him, like some others, “It’s not supported by Scripture” and never lost a minute of sleep over it.

    Do I think that a UFO landing is coming soon for all the world to see? Yes! Is the world going to fall for the delusion about who the aliens are and their mission? Yes! Alien aductions? Yes!

    The sign I am looking for to know that the return of Jesus in imminent is the visible throne of Satan (Anti-Christ) on earth. The once hidden and soon-to-be visible ‘aliens’ will be a part of this agenda to install Anti-Christ officially as ruler of this world.

    The fall of America the Republic seems imminient but I, like many others, realize that we can thwart Satan’s plan if enough people will wake up to the Truth of what is really going on. If enough people turn to our Creator we can be forgiven and spared. Remember Lot going about looking for righteous souls? He couldn’t find one righteous person so God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Do you think the ‘earthquake’ you mentioned could be the opening of the bottomless pit? Or do you think that has already happened?

    • RevelationWatcher

      Exactly. Only the Father knows the day and the hour, nor does the Son or the Angels in Heaven. So why would the Mayans. They never said this anyway. They were keep track of something else. A count down perhaps? With all of their blood sacrifice it had to be fallen angels masquerading as gods.

      I think the UFO landings will happen again — there is nothing new under the sun. I am not a believer in America being spared. The occult machine is in place now and seducing the world. We were told to come out of her (America) spiritually I believe. But America has done so much devilish work.

      I think the pit was opened in plain view but that is another story…

    • Kepano24

      +1 I think an alien little god, would be the only way there could be a world religion. There is just no way, islam will convert to catholic, and christian to catholic, and so on and so on..has to be something outside that they can all look too.

      • RevelationWatcher

        I think just like you. It is coming…