Beyoncé, The Last Supper and Allah

Beyoncé, The Last Supper and Allah

Beyoncé is following in the footsteps of her controversial husband, Sean Carter, by posing in the middle of “The Last Supper” painting. She poses smack-dab in the middle of the painting blocking the image of Jesus, while dressed in a Wilma Flinstone evening gown. Her husband is no stranger to rocking t-shirts adorned with religious motifs from artist like Michelangelo Merisi o Amerighi da Caravaggio. Both have caused agitation in spiritual circles for their attack on Jesus while claiming to love Jesus at the same time. Somethings are Holy to people and they should know better than to tread on Christ. 

I believe Beyoncé is right on queue with her haughty behavior because in the last days it will be the return to all things pagan. What Beyoncé is doing is returning to goddess worship. In the Sumerian, Babylonian, Phoenician, and Egyptian eras the goddess was part of worship practices. Ishtar, Inanna,  and Diana are a few examples of the goddesses of the pagan pantheon. Beyoncé is letting the world know — with great money, comes great worship and ritual.

This is a media-whoring event contrived to keep her name in the media-sphere to keep the wind in the sails of her album sales. She knows this because deep down inside she knows she is no goddess even if she shares her body with demonic entities. Even “they” bow down to the name of Jesus Christ. Nothing she does is by her own accord. Everything must be run by her handlers and they knew this would drum up media attention. Come on folks this was an Instagram posting! Many have described her latest video as a foray into pornographic ear vomit. 

I did immediately notice by cropping the picture of Beyoncé you see the words “All A” and wondered if this was to subliminally evoke the association of Allah. Is this a stretch? Both Beyoncé and Jay Z are clearly not examples of the teachings of Christ regardless of their lip service to him. Jay Z is admittedly chummy with President Obama who clearly is an advocate for Islam more so than Christianity. Is this part of an approved plan being shoved into the face of the Internet?

Should we be shocked by the behavior of Beyoncé? This is the same lady who channeled demons last year in her SuperBowl performance while wearing a leather “onesie” embroidered with the Baphomet symbol. Of course “they” want Jesus Christ removed from our collective fore-thoughts as to replace Him with themselves. This is a double-edged sword of a media blitz because Beyoncé’s album will stay in the highlight and the controversy will sell her as an artist. One of Satan’s greatest shields is hiding behind the word art.

If you get a chance to watch Beyoncé’s new music (witchcraft) video, “Drunk in Love” you will see it riddled with the same ancient symbols in many of her videos including the videos of Jay Z. This time you will see the symbols worn by Beyoncé. She wears a necklace with a down-pointed triangle. This evokes “water” and the entity responsible for it. You will also see her wearing bracelets and one of them is  a silver serpent. There is a ring she is wearing and it looks like horns on it. At a certain point in the video pay special attention to her right eye. Her iris does not look human at all. 

She opens the video dancing with a statue of (I am sure is) an effigy to an ancient goddess. She shows us this statue so we will know this is who she is. As the video proceeds you no longer see the statue because she is now the goddess. Many of her dance moves are from the ancient times and she would normally be surrounded by corybantes. These are the homosexual dancers you see in many videos but not in this one. 

Jay Z appears in her video and of course they throw up every baphomet hand signal known to mankind. They are both dancing very close and the director makes sure to focus on the jewelry. Why do you think this is important? Why must we “see” the jewelry so much during the video? Is there an ancient symbol on the amulet of Jay Z? This is more of the occult science wrapped up in the video in order to bathe the subconscious of the ignorant.

Now this should make more sense why Beyoncé would pose in front of Jesus in the picture of the Last Supper. Is Beyoncé telling those in the know she has graduated from a simple demon to a goddess. Is she now sharing her body with a more powerful entity? If you figure out the meaning of the symbols, then you you will know! Other than that, come out of her my people. She is a product of the almighty dollar stop paying her!

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