Alex Jones: The Scare Tare

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Alex Jones is an agent used to confuse the population using psychological fear tactics. He regularly bombards the populace with so many fear based scenarios people become paralyzed with fear. He is a media creation who came out of nowhere and was bonafide as a seer into the machinations of the minions of the New World Order. He ripped off the 9/11/2001 analysis of William Cooper (RIP) and took credit for all of the intel never giving William Cooper credit.

Fast forward to 15:37 see his eyes manifest as slits

He consistently presents problem after problem with no solutions. Recognizing the fact we are in a spiritual war he never offers spiritual insights not spiritual principles to navigate through this war. The Kingdom of Christ is not glorified through his rants and he rarely calls upon the power of the Holy Spirit as a solution. He has built an empire based on fear and offers his products as a solution. He is nothing more than a new millenium snake oil salesman with a powerful marketing machine behind him. Why would the media embrace a fringe spokesperson?

Matthew 6:24

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

I was recently compelled to delve deeper into his past and obscure symbol connections to the Swiss banking mafia, and quite possibly the serpent seed. As you know symbols are used to subtly communicate between organizations as well as the realm of spirit.  You would have to agree that fear is the master of Alex Jones so he must despise the opposition of fear . . . love. The whole of the message of Jesus Christ is love so Alex Jones is not supporting the message of Christ. It certainly is not reflected in his fear based rhetoric nor his behavior.

Many of the so-called “truths” Alex Jones promotes fall under the umbrella of common sense. It is not a secret the bureaucracy of the Government makes it inefficient. Or there is widespread corruption in all facets of Government and the private sector. President Eisenhower warned the American people of the military industrial complex and President Kennedy warned the American people of a secret cabal with a plan to enslave every man, woman, and child. So what has Alex Jones actually uncovered?

In my opinion his success is very similar to that of Jay Z. He was always the number three rapper in the game until the deaths of Biggie and Tupac. Alex Jones was able to prosper as a result of the death of William Cooper. It was William Cooper who pieced together the intel on 9/11 before Alex Jones. Although, I do think William Cooper was misguided with his alien research by omitting the fallen angels. At the end of the day Alex Jones was given permission and support by “those” in power to distract the American people from true power.

Without the teachings and principles of Christ applied to your life you will live in fear. This is exactly the position Alex Jones has his prey. If Jesus is with us then who can be against us? I recently had a conversation with a lady who was in a horrible car accident. She went to the spirit realm and met Jesus. She saw the Holy City and the Throne and experienced the immense love of the Father. She did not want to come back. She was forced to come back. The spirit realm is real and the beautiful man who shed His precious blood for us is real.

Many false prophets will rise up in the last days and this includes prophets of fear. For those of you with the eyes to see and the ears to hear this message turn away from Alex Jones. He is a distraction with no spiritual solutions. If you understand that spirit is the real power you will understand you do not need Alex Jones. The Kingdom is within all of us and we must seek truth internally . . . not externally.

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Michael Erevna is a writer, inventor, solutions architect and independent researcher of: ancient civilizations, spirituality, mysticism, and Biblical teachings.
  • kitty

    Years ago I used to listen to Alex more regularly, but he was really bringing me down, so I only occasionally listen now and then. Periodically, he did make references about being a Christian, but once he started to align himself more with David Icke (who has made negativistic and false statements about Jesus and Christianity), I wondered why someone who felt the need to periodically allude to his own Christianity would speak so highly of another who trash talks our Lord and Savior. So, red flags went up at that point. Nonetheless, he is still an interesting entertainer, as long as one keeps it in perspective and doesn’t get overly zealous by his proclamations. I still get a good laugh watching some of his short videos, or thinking about how he once described David Icke, or the interview between him and Piers Morgan (that one’s classic). There are a lot of people who say the same things as Alex, oftentimes before Alex, but Alex does offer his own brand of dry humor when shares his perceptions of coming calamities.

    • RevelationWatcher

      Hi Kitty,

      The whole platform of Alex Jones is conflict which is the gateway to division. It is this way we separate ourselves from the Holy Spirit. We must approach everything with peace and love as did our Teacher, Jesus Christ. Believers need not pollute their minds with this type of “entertainment.” Furthermore, after seeing is irises manifest like a serpent I believe he is a Tare from the parable Jesus taught us. Meaning he is not like us and he is part of an agenda to separate us from the true path.

      • Cid

        Would you please let Steve Quayle know about this and let him look into it more.Also I was blessed with your show with him and you on Star-Gate and Ley lines a few months ago.We are in need of more show’s of you and steve together and expose guys like this.”Tell me who you are with and I will tell you who you are” Something I learn from my Grandfather many years ago.Jesus Bless You keep up this work going Brother: )

        • RevelationWatcher

          I have been reaching out to Steve through email. I think something is wrong with his computer. He often sends me stuff.

          I have ruffled many feathers with addressing Alex Jones and we will see if you hear much from me in the future!

          I will always be here peacefully and lovingly addressing the spirit of truth. I guess this is why Jesus said:

          Matthew 10:34

          King James Version (KJV)

          34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

          Because when you inflict truth on people who do not want to recognize it, it cuts like a sword. How can there be peace around people who do not want to hear truth?

          • Cid

            I am with you Brother,Also I was thinking about what you said about alex. Trying to get to the essences of it “why he is been put in our mist” then it hit me like bricks.Since he talks about fight the gov,Its like you say They have to tell us what they are about to do before they do it in the eyes of or Lord Jesus and they use him to do it then that way we attack 1st. cause all the info they give him to tell us.That way we go to war with them before its time, and they shut everything down. Thats it he his trying to stir things up with all this InfoThats why he knows or bring to light what is going on like the devil knows the bilble better them most of us and tempted Jesus. I don’t know if I explain my self in the right way,But that’s what I been thinking about this illusion with alex that YOU are bring TRUTH and REALITY to it.God Bless You Brother,Keep it going and telling us know about this Spiritual War that we are in…

          • Grace

            Yahushua angrily pushed the money changers out of the temple by force for his zealous love for YHVH. The bankers control the world and we must expose their evil works.

          • RevelationWatcher

            Hi Grace,

            Christ pushed the money changers out of the temple to show us money can not be mixed with spiritual things. Jesus did not sell one of his parables nor charge for the worlds largest “fish fry!”

            This includes anyone profiting off the Word somehow or someway. As soon as you involve money with spirit it becomes corrupted. According to Corinthians 4:4 Satan is the god of this world.

            True the bankers control the finances of the world but this is a spiritual battle according to Ephesians 6:12. You fight by following the teachings of Christ. His life was a demonstration of the way, the truth, and the life.

            In closing to fight anyone is a contradiction to His teachings. If you do, you are following the teachings of men. Mark 8:32-34 is the perfect example of this. Any other way is antichrist.

            Peace be with you,


  • SeekWisdomToday

    Alex Jones has been doing what he is doing for a long time because he doesn’t give any solutions, he only presents the problem. Lately he has been more spiritual and telling people they need to get their hearts right with God and that is the message.

    All prophets were killed because they told what the kings, religious leaders and people were doing wrong. They did not give anything to Cesar and they were just fine. Give Cesar what it is Cesar, it is his dirty money. Something God will not accept. Bring lottery earnings to God and will bring you disgrace while the government take their share before you touch it.

  • Nsomniac

    I think Alex uses fear as a method to wake people up. While Christ has admonished us not to fear, those who don’t know Him sometimes need a little push. You attacked Alex for his methods, but as a brother in Christ is this how you are supposed to handle a disagreement? No.
    You have also made some pronouncements about his character and background that you give absolutely no proof of. This is unconscionable, and you should repent of it. If you have some references then present them, otherwise it is just hearsay and gossip. Please be responsible and stick to the facts.
    Alex is far from perfect, but he invokes the name of Jesus unabashedly on his show, and I think he is sincere in his faith. He always says that he knows who wins in this battle of good and evil because he has read the end of the book. I wish that he would rely more on the power of the Holy Spirit.
    My problem with Alex isn’t his tactics, but his view of the battlefield. He thinks that waking people up will change their behavior. I think it is pretty hard to present the truth to anyone who doesn’t know Christ. The battlefield is spiritual, and if more people would just accept Jesus’ free gift, then all of these political/social/moral issues would soon correct themselves.

    • RevelationWatcher

      Hi Nsomniac,

      You are certainly entitled to your opinion. I do not agree with you. You do not teach people about love/peace by using fear. Jesus came to also usher in the era of non-conflict. He used truth as a sword to divide those who could accept and those who could not.

      I am not attacking Alex I am merely speaking the truth. All of my work is well researched but at the same time I leave myself open to correction. You have offered nothing in this area but opinion.

      There is nothing scripturally wrong with me identifying those on a national platform not teaching truth. There is certainly nothing unconscionable about that.

      Alex might use “lip-service” to praise the Word but his words and actions are in conflict therein; consequently, they are also a reflection of his spiritual state. Which I am advised by the Word to judge the fruits. I have another video I produced of Alex totally misrepresenting the Word. I think I make my points clear.

      In closing, I use my own discernment in the end which I trust down to my life. I am on my own mission and whatever I am led to print, I will print. I am not here to make friends but spread truth. Godspeed.

  • mark

    Alex Jones is not perfect. Yes he sensationalizes events but on the other hand the events occurring are mind blowing – up is down and down is up. I really like listening to his guests being they are very well informed and respected in their own community. What wide platform is there for good people to bring to light and expose injustices? He addresses topics that should be given addressed such as Fukushima meltdown. You will see cancer rates spike in a few years and American Cancer Society (Run by Rockefellers) says nothing. ACS is nothing more than a bureaucracy profiting on the sicknesses induced by the elitist eugenic program – fluoride, radiation, GMO, geoengineering, and others. There was ground breaking work using EMF that target specific cells back in the ’40’s. Yes there are concerted efforts to rid 90% of the population supported by the most the powerful. I too thought a lot of Bill Cooper but there is a side that you have not heard; he is a self-supporter that has used others information such as John Lear and lavished his navy intelligence background. He was enlisted level was far to low to be given anything of value. He may have brought in the coffee tray during the briefings.

    • RevelationWatcher

      Hi Mark,

      Nobody is perfect except the man known as Jesus Christ who laid down His life for us.I am sure Alex does have good guest but that is not my issue. If the premise is to spread fear with no solutions where is the benefit in that? How does that help me?

      My whole analysis is from a Biblically driven direction. These are the parameters within my discussion on him, nothing more. It is not personal at all. I do not know him. I am judging his fruits based on his words and actions based on the Word.

      With that being said I did not know Bill Cooper either and the point of the video was illustrate he was ahead of predicting 911 before Alex Jones, yet Alex takes the credit. I find that to be misleading and misrepresentation of the facts which is out of line with truth. Yet, he is leading a truth movement.

      In closing the only path to winning this war are spiritual solutions. You can focus on all the ills of this Satanic Kingdom but without the teachings of Christ you will not taste victory. Get excited about Him.

      • Jeff

        I listen to Alex for alternate media that seems to be more truthful than any information given in the media I cross check to make my own opinion. You talk about fear mongering and give no answers yourself except that you read the bible, which don’t get me wrong it great and I do myself to help find answers, but WHAT ARE YOUR SOLUTIONS? We should stand idly by and let the government destroy everthing that is good kill another 57 millon unborn babies? Wreck the family? Slow kill everyone? The only way I see this not ending badly is to inform people and hope the use ther brains and open hearts, but first we have to inform them!

        • RevelationWatcher

          I clearly see the issue at hand now. This is a question of mixing the teachings of Christ with political activism. Two totally separate things. My issue is combining them and representing them as supported by Christ.

          For you to even ask the question (IN ALL CAPS) tells me you have no spiritual understanding of the solutions. I see how this psychology works now. By emphasizing these are not the teachings of Christ sets the table for discussion about civil impotence.

          My point and my only point is you can not mix Christ in with political activism. You will find no example of Christ being a political activist.

          I know understand what Christ meant when he said:, “How can I tell you of spiritual things when you do not understand earthly things.” At the end of the day be a political activist until the cows come home but leave Jesus out of it.

          Christ also ushered in the error of non-conflict. He came to teach spiritual principles and laws and if you understood them you would not have typed your question IN ALL CAPS.

          You have to figure His teachings out on your own. Once the “people” know and practice what Christ did you will not have to worry about your Government. Godspeed.

  • Joel

    I was wondering why steve quayle had your nfl article up 20 min ago and the. It disappeared. Probably due to this article that you have about his freind alex jones. I found steve thru alex and you through steve. I think you all do good work but this is bad form on your part. Alex does turn to christ and has called for repentance to his listeners. So to say never is just a lie on your part. Peace

    • RevelationWatcher

      ” So to say never is just a lie on your part” – What are you talking about? Then you say “Peace” and call me a liar. You might worship a man but I am student of the Bible. If my story was removed for telling the truth then so be it. I serve the Lord not man. Godspeed.

      • Joel

        sorry but i dont worship alex. but i would like to hear your opinion on steven quayle praying over alex on hagmanns show? is he also now decieved by the reptillian? i only bring up steve because so far he has proven to be a true man of God and i think he would be lead by the Holy spirit to discern if alex was of satan or not. also because it seems like you have some respect for quayle

        • RevelationWatcher

          First off you return to my site after calling me a liar and now you want to know how I feel? I feel you are bringing the spirit of conflict to my site and I have no interest there. I notice how people including you do not even attempt to debunk the video but are more interested in attacking me. I did not make the pupil’s of Alex Jones manifest as slits. Next time and if you return here you can start out with an apology because if you can not treat me with respect you will not be chatting with me. (#Real talk)
          PS: Nor do you address the Bible Fallacy. I am here to serve Truth and not the egos of men. Then you speak of the Holy Spirit…Seriously?

  • Christene

    I listen quite regularly to his radio show and I feel he has a place within the context of getting news information and interviews, not anything spiritual. He doesn’t claim to offer any religious or spiritual guidance or substance. His radio show tries to be a straight news show, although his personality and emotions often come through and I think the non-stop focus on such negative events and his frustration with trying to “wake” people up definitely are a problem from time to time. I recognize he has his faults, as do we all, but I feel there is a place for listening to his show to gather important news information. About fear-mongering, I guess that is a matter of perspective. I think he presents the dirty details about what is going on and those are scary in themselves unless one has a spiritual filter to view them through.

    As for the slit eyes thing- I used to work in local television and I am just not convinced the momentary slit effect isn’t a lighting issue creating an optical illusion or some kind of artifact. For example, the people in the video with Ryan Seacrest on NYE that did not show the effect in their eyes were set back away from him. When you light a person for TV, you aim it directly and specifically at them and shining right in their eyes. It would not be the same for the random others in the shot. Some random interference could cause the momentary “shift” to the optical illusion or whatever. It’s too bad I no longer work in that field or I would devise some experiments to try to reproduce the effect to see if it could be done.

    • RevelationWatcher

      Hi Christene,

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on this. Let me be clear here. There is no problem being a political activist and focusing on issues. The problem becomes when you mix “Jesus” in with a political platform.

      You will find no Scripture where Jesus taught us attaining the Spiritual Kingdom involves constant surveillance of Roman Empire issues. If Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life should His example be the final say on all things?

      Alex Jones can ring the bell against tyranny until the cows come home but splashing the “Blood of Christ” on any political agenda is not sound doctrine. He came to build us up into His Father’s Spiritual Kingdom not earthly ones.

      Second, my family and I were watching Rudy Giuliani on TV just last week and he had slits for pupils. It is not the lighting. I have also seen people up close with my own eyes with this condition.

      I also have people email me with eye-witness (no pun intended) testimony of encountering people like this. I do not believe every case is because of lighting. Keep searching because truth is irrefutable. When find it you will know!